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CORNELIUS, Polyphony, Stephen Layton

The Three Kings & other choral works

1 Requiem 'Seele, vergiß sie nicht'[7'55] 2 Die Vätergruft Op 19 Es ging wohl über die Heide[3'06] Robert Rice (baritone) Drei Chorgesänge Op 11[9'55] 3 Der Tod, das ist die kühle Nacht[5'22] Andrew Kennedy (tenor) 4 An den Sturmwind Mächtiger, der brausend die Wipfel du beugst[2'28] 5 Die drei Frühlingstage Jugend, Rausch und Liebe sind gleich[2'05] Weihnachtslieder Op 8arr. Stephen Layton (b?) 6 Die Könige Drei Kön’ge wandern aus Morgenland[2'50] Robert Rice (baritone) Liebe 'Ein Zyklus von 3 Chorliedern' Op 18[11'22] 7 Liebe, dir ergeb' ich mich! Liebe, die du zum Bilde[3'33] 8 Ich will dich lieben, meine Krone![3'15] 9 Thron der Liebe, Stern der Güte[4'34] 10 Der alte Soldat Op 12 No 1 Und wenn es einst dunkelt[3'38] Drei Psalmlieder Op 13[6'35] 11 Bußlied Warum verbirgst du vor mir dein Antlitz[2'54] 12 An Babels Wassflüssen Stromflut dahin rauscht durch Babels Gefilde[2'14] 13 Jerusalem Heil und Freude ward mir verheißen[1'27] 14 So weich und warn[2'47] Trauerchöre Op 9[16'17] 15 Ach, wie nichtig, ach, wie flüchtig[4'43] 16 Nicht die Träne kann es sagen[2'45] 17 Mitten wir im Leben sind[3'12] 18 Grablied Pilger auf Erden, so raste am Ziele[1'46] 19 Von dem Dome, schwer und bang[3'51] 20 Trost in Tränen Op 14 Wie kommst, dass du so traurig bist[4'03]
  • Polyphony
  • Stephen Layton - conductor
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Nr kat.: CDA67206
Label  : Hyperion

Peter Cornelius was born to actor parents and destined from early life to have a career centred on words and music. He had early contact with the stage and dramatic literature, and like others of the time (such as Schumann), Cornelius immersed himself in German literature at an early age. At the same time he developed an interest in music. After early influences from Beethoven and Schubert, and studies of form and the composition of sacred music in Berlin, Cornelius's musical style matured under the tutelage of Liszt in Weimar. On their first meeting Liszt encouraged Cornelius to compose sacred music, however Cornelius then turned to the composition of opera and song whilst developing his natural gift in poetry. Choral works, however, remained an important part of Cornelius's compositions—many with sacred texts. Mention the name Cornelius to most music lovers and their immediate reaction will be 'Isn't he the man who wrote the song heard at Christmas—Three Kings?' Indeed he is and this piece can be heard on track 6 (Drei Könige). However, this disc also explores the other wonderful choral music written by Cornelius. All of these pieces deserve to be heard more! ‘An appealing collection of choral works from the composer of the celebrated carol, Three Kings from Persian lands afar. Polyphony are perfect advocates of this richly woven choral writing and the solo singing is very fine too’ (Gramophone) ‘These are superior performances, Layton’s group Polyphony offering refined tone and exceptional precision, together with a careful observation of Cornelius’s dynamics and fluent phrasing’ (BBC Music Magazine) ‘Enthusiastically recommended’ (American Record Guide) ‘Polyphony sing with solemn beauty. The sound is sumptuous and richly atmospheric’ (The Guardian) ‘This program offers an exciting trip into what for most listeners will be a world of happy discovery’ (Classics Today)