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La voce contemporanea in Italia Vol. 1

  • Corghi, Azio : Ricordando te, lontano, for voice & piano
  • Dallapiccola, Luigi : Tre Poemi, for voice & chamber ensemble
  • Guaccero, Domenico : Tre Liriche di Montale, for voice & piano
  • Nono, Luigi : La fabbrica illuminata, for voice & tape
  • Petrassi, Goffredo : Due Liriche di Saffo, for voice & piano
  • Piacentini, Riccardo : Mano mobile clic (rap fotografico-digitale), for female voice, hands & "foto-suoni"
  • Scelsi, Giacinto : Canti (3) di primavera, for voice & piano
  • Duo Alterno
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Nr kat.: STR33708
Label  : Stradivarius

"It's always nice to get more than you asked for. In my case, I ordered this CD for the performance of Dallapiccola's "Tre Poemi". I was nicely rewarded in that regard, but was also delighted with performances of Nono, Petrassi and more. Duo Alterno is comprised of soprano Tiziana Scandaletti and pianist Riccardo Piencentini (who also contributes one of the pieces on the CD). It appears to be the first in a series of CDs dedicated to Italian vocal music of the last 50 years or so. She's a first-rate soprano, with a timbre that at times reminds me of the much-missed Jan de Gaetani. And (this is very high praise in my book), she has guts. Not content to sit back and make a pretty sound, she explores her range and expressive capabilities in significant ways. He's also a fine accompanist, knowing when to challenge and when to support. These texts come to life. None of the music on this disk is bad, but some is better than the rest. I found the Corghi, Scelsi and Guaccero a little generic-sounding. The Nono is fabulous, quiet and withdrawn. The piece by Piacentini deserves special note: it's an electronic piece, calling on some extended techniques from the soprano. It's deftly done. Duo Alterno is a very good pair of musicians, and are convincing advocates for some worthy music. I have only a single and very small complaint. The printed insert is full and informative, in Italian, French and English. The texts are included, albeit isolated in each language. I'd have preferred the texts side-by-side in all languages. It would be easier for those of us with weak Italian to connect what we're hearing with the poet's intent. Not much else to say. Fine CD."