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Tolvan Big Band

Code Red

  • 1. CODE RED (Helge Albin) >>> Posłuchaj fragmentu <<<
  • Solos:
  • Jacob Karlzon, piano
  • Peter Asplund, trumpet
  • 2. CATS AND DOGS (Cennet Jönsson) >>> Posłuchaj fragmentu <<<
  • Solos:
  • Vincent Nilsson, trombone
  • Helge Albin, alto saxophone
  • 3. THE OTHER DAY (Cennet Jönsson) >>> Posłuchaj fragmentu <<<
  • Solos:
  • Jacob Karlzon, piano
  • Cennet Jönsson, soprano saxophone
  • Lennart Gruvstedt, drums
  • 4. GOING BANANAS (Helge Albin) >>> Posłuchaj fragmentu <<<
  • Solos:
  • Patrik Albin, bass
  • Fredrik Davidsson, trumpet
  • Vincent Nilsson & Ola Ĺkerman, trombones
  • 5. SUBCONSCIOUS (Helge Albin) >>> Posłuchaj fragmentu <<<
  • Solo:
  • Cennet Jönsson, bass clarinet
  • 6. ANTELOPE DANCE (Cennet Jönsson)
  • Solos:
  • Peter Asplund, flugelhorn
  • Inge Petersson, tenor saxophone
  • 7. UPS AND DOWNS (Jacob Karlzon)
  • arr: Helge Albin
  • Solo:
  • Jacob Karlzon, piano
  • Helge Albin, alto saxophone, flute, musical director
  • Inge Petersson, tenor saxophone
  • Ulf Holmström, alto saxophone, alto flute
  • Cennet Jönsson, soprano and tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
  • Bernt Sjunnesson, baritone saxophone, flute
  • Anders G Gustafsson, Christer Gustafsson, Roy Wall,
  • Fredrik Davidsson,Peter Asplund
  • Vincent Nilsson, Olle Tull, Ola Ĺkerman, Ola Nordqvvist,
  • Björn Hängsel, bass trombone, tuba
  • Jacob Karlzon, piano
  • Patrik Albin, double bass
  • Lennart Gruvstedt, drums
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Nr kat.: PCD091
Label  : Prophone Records

'The Tolvan is and will be! A greater unified effort is not to be found anywhere' (Billy Cobham) 'This is a most unusual Big Band. The arrangements and compositions are done in a very imaginative way so as to do as much justice as possible to the sound of the band and the soloist. Very imaginative indeed' (Michael Brecker) From southern Sweden and the area around the coastal town of Malmö, Tolvan Big Band has been developing to become a powerhouse organisation with an international reputation of the most up-to-date and ambitious Big Bands anywhere in the world. Since around 1979 its musical leader Helge Albin, creative Saxophonist, and composer and arranger has emerged to devote much of his time and energy to organising the band into a successful ensemble capable of a vide variety of musical situations. The proof of this success can be heard clearly in their recordings, sometimes in the company of very celebrated guests. And of course in their Live performances. >>> Większa okładka A <<<