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Christina Gustafsson

The Law of the Lady

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1 You make it 2 Breathing , air and such 3 The law of the lady 4 Close to here 5 It might as well be spring 6 My own way out 7 Sometimes 8 Hours Passing By 9 Love you too 10 i need Someone
  • Christina Gustafsson - vocal
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Nr kat.: PCD134
Label  : Prophone (Szwecja)

Christina Gustafsson releases her third album, The Law of the Lady. She has followed her vision from the beginning to the end and the result is striking. After the critically acclaimed My Move and Moments Free she takes her artistic expression to a new level. In this project Christina works together with Calle Rasmusson, who’s a member of Christina’s band and who also works as an arranger with European orchestras and artists. Christina and Calle have arranged this album together in a very personal way. Christina Gustafsson was born in Värmskog, Sweden, in 1970. She studied in 1994 - 96 at New York School of Music and 1996 - 99 at Kungliga Musikhögskolan in Stockholm. Christina is well-established on the Swedish jazz scene and is one of Sweden’s most celebrated jazz singers. As a composer she has gained a lot of attention during the years and in 2007 she was awarded the SKAP scholarship. Together with Rigmor Gustafsson, Christina was also awarded the Anita O’Day price in 2012 with the motivation: ”Rigmor and Christina Gustafsson belong to the elite among European female jazz singers.” “Two years ago when I started to write the music to The Law of the Lady I had an intention to say yes to all my ideas and not let practical details rule the artistic work. I followed my vision and when I was ready with my sketches and showed them for Calle Rasmusson, who’s a drummer, arranger and co-producer on this album. He gave his point of view what directions the songs had. When all the songs were edited and arranged it was clear what kind of sound I wanted. Some of the lyrics were written before the music and in some cases I wrote the music first. A close collaboration with the text writers has been present all the time, and their flexibility, musicality and talent has made it possible to have the same starting point for music and lyrics. When all the musicians are in the studio and the rehearsal starts I feel so happy to be in a creative environment with all these wonderful musicians, with their personal ideas and fantastic playing, which make my ideas and vision to fly. The Law of the Lady is the result of my music experiences so far...” Muzycy: Christina Gustafsson (except It might as well be spring & My own way out) Lyrics: Cecilia Åse, Helena Davidsson and Stefan Danielsson Arrangements: Calle Rasmusson Vocals: Christina Gustafsson Piano, Rhodes, organ: Daniel Karlsson, Adam Forkelid Electric bass: Fredrik Jonsson Upright bass: Kristian Lind Guitar: Max Schultz, Erik Söderlind Drums and vibes: Calle Rasmusson Percussion: Sebastian Notini. Trombone: Karin Hammar, Lisa Bodelius Trumpet and flugelhorn: Patrik Skogh, Johan Setterlind French horn: Eva-Tea Lundberg Woodwind instruments: Magnus Lindgren Christina Gustafsson - w naszej ofercie