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CHOPIN, Yundi Li


Yundi - Chopin: Preludes

01. No. 1 in C major. Agitato (0:31)
02. No. 2 in A minor. Lento (2:03)
03. No. 3 in G major. Vivace (0:52)
04. No. 4 in E minor. Largo (1:43)
05. No. 5. in D major. Molto allegro (0:29)
06. No. 6 in B minor. Lento assai (1:41)
07. No. 7 in A major. Andantino (0:45)
08. No. 8 in F sharp minor. Molto agitato (1:30)
09. No. 9 in E major. Largo (1:35)
10. No. 10 in C sharp minor. Molto allegro (0:24)
11. No. 11 in B major. Vivace (0:33)
12. No. 12 in G sharp minor. Presto (1:02)
13. No. 13 in F sharp major. Lento (2:41)
14. No. 14 in E flat minor. Allegro (0:27)
15. No. 15 in D flat major. Sostenuto (4:46)
16. No. 16 in B flat minor. Presto con fuoco (1:01)
17. No. 17 in A flat major. Allegretto (2:33)
18. No. 18 in F minor. Molto allegro (0:50)
19. No. 19 in E flat major. Vivace (1:08)
20. No. 20 in C minor. Largo (1:46)
21. No. 21 in B flat major. Cantabile (1:36)
22. No. 22 in G minor. Molto agitato (0:38)
23. No. 23 in F major. Moderato (0:47)
24. No. 24 in D minor. Allegro appassionato (2:19)
25. Prélude in C sharp minor op. 45 Sostenuto (4:32)
26. Prélude in A flat major op. posth. Presto, con leggierezza (0:46)

  • Yundi Li - piano
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Nr kat.: UCCG1712
Label  : UNIVERSAL (Japan)

Yundi Li's 2015 release of Chopin's Préludes on Deutsche Grammophon launches his Chopin Project, which consists of recordings and performances devoted to the works of the Polish master. It might seem that Yundi's career has been dominated by Chopin's music since he won the first prize at the International Fryderyk Chopin Competition in 2000, and he has periodically released recordings ofChopin's music, including the Nocturnes, Scherzi, Impromptus, and other pieces. With the 24 Préludes, Op. 28, the Prélude in C sharp minor, Op. 45, and the Prélude in A flat major, Op. Posth., Yundi keeps his expressions close to the vest and treats the music with calm introspection, in a manner Chopin likely would have approved, avoiding excessive displays of technique and rejecting sentimentality. For that reason, this album might seem a little subdued, cool, and even clinical by most pianists' standards, and somewhat lacking in the showmanship that is usually expected of a young virtuoso. But it seems more likely a sign of Yundi's growth and seriousness that he plays with restraint and control when he is expected to show off, and puts Chopin's music well above the hype. Highly recommended.

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