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CHOPIN, Urszula Kryger

Polish Songs / Four Mazurkas

  • 1 Wiosna 'Spring', Op 74 No 2 'Blyszcza krople rosy 'The dew sparkles'' [2'32]
  • 2 Gdzie lubi 'There where she loves', Op 74 No 5 'Strumyk lubi w dolinie 'Streams gurgle through the valley'' [1'12]
  • 3 Hulanka 'Drinking song', Op 74 No 4 'Szynkareczko, szafareczko 'Take care, pretty girl'' [1'20]
  • 4 Piosnka Litewska 'Lithuanian song', Op 74 No 16 'Bardzo raniuchno wschodzilo sloneczko 'Early one morning the sun was rising'' [2'11]
  • 5 Czary 'Witchcraft', KKIVa/11 'To sa czary, pewno czary! 'It must be witchcraft'' [1'22]
  • 6 Sliczny chlopiec 'Handsome lad', Op 74 No 8 'Wzniosly, smukly i mlody 'Young and tall and handsome'' [2'16]
  • 7 Zyczenie 'The Maiden's Wish', Op 74 No 1 'Gdybyn ja byla sloneczkiem na niebie 'If I were the sun in the sky'' [1'47]
  • 8 Moja pieszczotka 'My darling', Op 74 No 12 [1'48]
  • 9 Precz z moich oczu! 'Out of my sight!', Op 74 No 6 [3'30]
  • 10 Wojak 'The warrior', Op 74 No 10 'Rzy mój gniady, ziemie grzebie 'Hark! My steed stamps the dust'' [2'07]
  • 11 Spiew grobowy 'Hymn from the tomb', Op 74 No 17 'Leci liscie z drzewa 'Leaves are falling thickly'' [5'04]
  • 12 Posel 'The messenger', Op 74 No 7 'Rosnie trawka, ziólko 'Dew lies on the meadows'' [2'38]
  • 13 Pierscien 'The ring', Op 74 No 14 'Smutno nianki ci spiewaly 'When nurses sang sadly to you'' [1'29]
  • 14 Narzeczony 'The bridegroom', Op 74 No 15 'Wiatr zaszumial miedzy krzewy 'The wind howls in the forest'' [1'59]
  • 15 Smutna rzeka 'Sad river', Op 74 No 3 'Rzeko z cudzoziemców strony 'River, flowing from the mountains'' [4'10]
  • 16 Dumka 'Reverie', KKIVb/9 'Mgla mi do oczu zawiewa z lona 'My heart is heavy, my eyes full of sorrow'' [1'32]
  • 17 Dwojaki koniec 'The double end', Op 74 No 11 'Rok sie kochali, a wiek sie nie widzieli 'For a year they loved, for eternity they parted'' [2'14]
  • 18 Nie ma czego trzeba 'Faded and vanished', Op 74 No 13 'Mgla mi do oczu zawiewa z lona 'My heart is heavy, my eyes full of sorrow'' [4'31]
  • 19 Melodya, Op 74 No 9 'Z gór, gdzie dzwigali 'Under their crosses' cruel weight they stand'' [2'49]
  • 20 Plainte d'amour 'Mazurka in F sharp minor, Op 6 No 1' 'Chère âme, sans toi j'expire' [3'25] arr. Pauline Viardot (1821-1910)
  • 21 Faible cœur 'Mazurka in F minor, Op 7 No 3' 'Prépare-toi, faible cœur' [4'16] arr. Pauline Viardot (1821-1910)
  • 22 Berceuse 'Mazurka in C major, Op 33 No 3' 'Enfant, cède au sommeil qui ferme ta paupière' [3'50] arr. Pauline Viardot (1821-1910)
  • 23 La fête 'Mazurka in E flat minor, Op 6 No 4' 'La village est tout en fête' [4'32] arr. Pauline Viardot (1821-1910)
  • 24 La danse 'Mazurka in G major, Op 50 No 1' 'Entendez-vous c'est le signal' [3'20] arr. Pauline Viardot (1821-1910)
  • Urszula Kryger - soprano
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Nr kat.: CDA67125
Label  : Hyperion

Chopin's well-known set of Polish Songs, Op 74, have been recorded a number of times in the past, though not always by Polish singers. Here mezzo soprano Urszula Kryger is singing in her own language. Also on the disc is a selection of songs from an unusual source: the famous 19th-century soprano Pauline Viardot -- friend of Chopin, Berlioz and others, and Turgenev's inamorata - arranged, with Chopin's permission, a number of his mazurkas for voice and piano, commissioning texts from a Parisian poet friend. She sang them all over Europe, including London. Here are four of them. The 17th October 1999 is the 150th anniversary of Chopin's death and this disc joins the many others of his music which are being issued to commemorate this event. Our singer, Urszula Kryger, has already enjoyed spectacular success in the short time since she stormed the juries of various international singing competitions in the early 90s. 'A rare opportunity to sample Chopin the song composer, here performed with real feeling by Polish mezzo Urszula Kryger. The dark core of melancholy in Kryger's voice is fine-tunes to the Slavic melodic contours of a song like The Sad Stream. And her instinctive grasp of both musical and verbal inflection makes for a beautifully understated performance of Melodya, Chopin's last, heartfelt song of exile' (Gramophone)