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Chie Ayado, Junior Mance

Chie Ayado Meets Junior Mance Trio Live

  • 01. Stormy Monday [Live] >>> MP3 <<< 02. I'm Walkin' [Live] >>> MP3 <<< 03. Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You [Live] >>> MP3 <<< 04. Sunny [Live] >>> MP3 <<< 05. Summertime [Live] >>> MP3 <<<
  • 06. Autumn Leaves [Live] 4:06
  • 07. Route 66 [Live] 5:28
  • 08. It Don't Mean A Thing [Live] 3:22
  • 09. Georgia On My Mind [Live] 5:52
  • 10. Happy Birthday [Live] 0:58
  • Chie Ayado - vocal, piano
  • Junior Mance - piano

Produkt w tej chwili niedostępny.

Influenced by her parents' hobbies, Chie has been surrounded by jazz and Hollywood movies from an early age. She first studied classical piano but soon began to swing, and grew up as a kid that always preferred gospel to psalms. When she was 17 years old, she scraped together all money she had saved with part-time jobs, and left for the land of dreams: the US West Coast. After moving her bases to NYC, Chie was invited by a record store owner to "visit a church and listen to some gospel". She agreed, and became a member of church's choir on the spot. She married a fellow choir member and gave a birth to a baby , but later she got divorced. In 1991, the mother and the son returned to Japan, she began to sing in a jazz club in Osaka, and thanks to the quickly spreading rumors of her vocal performance she soon made a name for herself in the local jazz scene. The June 1998 release "For All We Know" marked Chie's debut as a professional jazz musician at the age of 40. Since then Chie has been touring regularly across Japan in fall and winter, and with the help of fans spreading the word via the Internet managed to establish a reputation as an outstanding female singer. Soon her concerts were sold out as soon as they were announced. Also her third album "Life" made a big hit in 1999, this her 'standard' album has been sold over 250,000 copies. In March 2001 Chie received the 51st Ministry of Education and Science Cultural Promotional Award. Harboring an aversion against settling for one thing, Chie has been exploring territories outside the realm of jazz. Her repertory extends 20's swing jazz to the rock, pop standards. Chie has released 14 albums, 2 compiled "BEST" albums and 5 DVD-Videos. The number of total sale reaches almost 2,000,000 copies.


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