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CHERUBINI, Anita Cerquetti, Louis Roney, Mario Petri, Coro e Orchestra di Teatro Comunale di Firenze, Carlo Maria Giulini

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1 Ouverture 2 No. 1 Trio 3 No. 2 Aria of Almansor 4 No. 3 Duet Noraima/Almansor 5 No. 4 Chorus and Dance 6 No. 5 Aria of Gonzalvo 7 No. 6 Ensemble and Chorus 8 No. 7 Solo of Gonzalvo with Chorus and Dance 9 No. 8 Romance (Gonzalvo) with Chorus 10 Ballet 11 No. 9 Ensemble 12 No. 10 Finale 13 No. 11 Recitative and Aria of Noraima 1 No. 12 Women's Chorus 2 No. 13 Aria of Noraima and Dance 3 No. 14 Duet Noraima / Almansor 4 No. 15 Chorus and March 5 No. 16 Aria of Alemar 6 No. 17 Chorus and Scene 7 No. 18 Finale 8 No. 19 Aria of Noraima 9 No. 20 Duet of Noraima / Almansor 10 No. 21 Aria of Alemar 11 No. 22 March and Chorus of the People 12 No. 23 Scene and Chorus 13 No. 24 Aria of Almansor and Chorus 14 No. 25 Finale
  • Anita Cerquetti - soprano
  • Louis Roney - tenor
  • Mario Petri - tenor
  • Coro e Orchestra di Teatro Comunale di Firenze - orchestra
  • Carlo Maria Giulini - conductor
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Nr kat.: GL100577
Label  : GALA Records

J. Vasco Pimentel 5,0 von 5 Sternen Viva Cerquetti! 24. Mai 2006 - Veröffentlicht auf Amazon.com This might well be one of the best live Opera recordings ever. A great unknown Opera to begin with, one of Cherubini's last, much better written than the early Medea. Giulini knew exactly what he was doing when he revived this masterpiece. His style is precisely right. No words can describe Anita Cerquetti in this performance. Having absolutely nothing in common with Callas - in fact, it's like she doesn't know the human race has produced its most terrifying mirror (Callas) - she cuts through you with exactly yhe same intensity Callas does. And NO ONE DOES THAT, right? RIGHT? Wrong. Anita did it for a handful of years in a handful of Operas, then retired to raise her family and is now living in Rome and being a beautiful person. It's just plain stupid not to have this, the Ernani with Mitropoulos and the Decca Recital with Serafin. Most of your Opera collection is dispensable. Anita Cerquetti will take good care of you for the rest of your life. Oh God, there she is doing Act 3 again... Oh God... Oh God...