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Cassandra Wilson, Steve Coleman

Anatomy Of A Groove

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  • Cassandra Wilson - vocal
  • Steve Coleman - saxophone
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Nr kat.: DIW864
Label  : DIW - Japonia

A thrilling attempt and a great work with all their might by M-BASE (Macro Basic Arrey Of Structured Extemporizations) all stars. Each 8 members of this band offer original songs. The spectacle that solo parts of each member are developed can exactly be said to be M-BASE show case. This CD features many of the top players of the so-called "M-Base" idiom, a loose style of music related to the free funk of Ornette Coleman's Prime Time but making a greater use of space and uncrowded ensembles. The funky rhythms are unpredictable and creative while the highly original horn solos of altoists Steve Coleman and Greg Osby have developed beyond bebop and have their own inscrutable logic. The weak points to this often-abrasive music are the lack of memorable melodies and the difficulty in finding a role for Cassandra Wilson's voice. But in general this stimulating and fresh style offers jazz improvisers another choice besides revival hard bop and instrumental pop and is recommended to open-eared listeners. Scott Yanow


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