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Carol Kidd

Nice Work

Carol Kidd - Nice Work 01. Nice Work If You Can Get It (2:19) 02. Havin' Myself a Time (2:35) 03. Isn't It a Pity? (4:32) 04. Bidin' My Time (1:38) 05. Sing for Your Supper (2:55) 06. Day Dream (4:41) 07. I'll Take Romance (2:18) 08. New York on Sunday (2:06) 09. What Is There to Say? (4:24) 10. Mean to Me (3:05) 11. I Guess I'll Have to Change My Plan (3:27) 12. Starting Tomorrow (1:49) 13. Confessions (2:10)
  • Carol Kidd - vocal
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Nr kat.: AKH006
Label  : Linn Records
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Nr kat.: AKD229
Label  : Linn Records

Carol Kidd writes: In 1998 I was invited to Windsor Castle to a reception for the arts. I bumped into all sorts of people including Eric Clapton, Joanna Lumley, Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French. WHile I was talking to them the Queen herself came along and spoke to each of us. Of course she knew the others and I thought she wouldn't have a clue who I was. I happened to be standing alongside Mick Hucknall from Simply Red, and the Queen approached me and said, "You are the jazz singer aren't you?" I curtsied and said, "Yes Ma'am." She next went on to Mick Hucknall and she said, "And what do you do?" That was the 'Quote of the Week' in the London Times newspaper the next day. I must have done something right in my life because I received the MBE for services to jazz in October 1998. Prince Charles presented that day and spoke to me about my music. He then asked me if I would be so kind as to send him a CD. As if! I sent him several CDs, and I received a hand written letter from the Prince thanking me. Of course I have it framed. Record Collector 4 Stars "Kidd proves that she knows her way around a song..." more >> The Jazz Rag Carol Kidd is my favourite singer more >> Crescendo and Jazz Music Carol Kidd is a class act more >>


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