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Carlos Santana


Santana - Lotus (Disc 1) 01. Going Home (3:34) 02. A-1 Funk (3:13) 03. Every Step Of The Way (11:30) 04. Black Magic Woman (3:38) 05. Gypsy Queen (3:58) 06. Oye como Va (5:47) 07. Yours Is the Light (5:30) 08. Batuka (0:55) 09. Xibaba (4:13) 10. Stone flower (1:13) 11. Waiting (4:14) 12. Castillos De Arena (2:51) 13. Free Angela (4:26) 14. Samba De Sausalito (4:04) Santana - Lotus (Disc 2) 01. Mantra (7:18) 02. Kyoto (9:58) 03. Castillos de Arena (1:13) 04. Incident At Neshabur (15:57) 05. Se a Cabo (5:37) 06. Samba Pa ti (8:56) 07. Mr. Udo (3:06) 08. Toussaint l'Overture (7:40)
  • Carlos Santana - guitar
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Nr kat.: AFZ2247
Label  : Audio Fidelity

In the 70s, concert tours by rock groups to the 'Land of the Rising Sun' were full of eastern promise. While the Japanese could hardly wait to pounce on concert tickets by western rock groups, those in the occident could hardly wait to get their hands on the live recordings 'made in Japan'. Usually such products were readily available and fans happily carried off legendary albums by Deep Purple, Cheap Trick or the Scorpions. But this was not so in the case of Santana’s "Lotus". European and American fans could only purchase the triple LP as an import product at an astronomical price; in 1991 Columbia attempted to bring out a reasonably priced replacement in the form of a double CD. At long last, Santana’s thrilling solos and the amazingly subtle rhythm of his band found their way into people’s homes, but the pathetic little folder in the CD case was a poor substitute for the extravagant artwork of the giant-sized, 2 sq. m. cover insert. The present album not only offers electrifying interpretations of the classics "Black Magic Woman", "Incident At Neshabur", and "Samba Pa Ti", but also has the original artwork. Surely there is no better reason to buy this unique recording?


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