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Carlos Franzetti

Jazz Kamerata

Carlos Franzetti - Jazz Kamerata 01. Circle (5:17) 02. Nefertiti (9:03) 03. Last Year's Waltz (4:26) 04. Quiet Rising (6:58) 05. Allison's Dance (4:02) 06. When Autumn Comes (6:55) 07. Prism (5:05) 08. Van Gogh (4:55) 09. Very Early (6:29) 10. Elegia (7:08)
  • Carlos Franzetti - conductor
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Nr kat.: SACD287
Label  : Chesky Records

Take outstanding jazz soloists, some of the genre's greatest standards and then set them in a chamber jazz format surrounded with strings and woodwinds. That is the concept behind The Jazz Kamerata. Carlos Franzetti creates a sublime chamber jazz genre, a unique hybrid sound that respects both jazz and classical idioms. His subtle and tasteful choice of classic jazz standards is the key element that makes this recording both luscious and inventive. Reviews "This isn't high-energy jazz that feeds off of tension and dissonance, you know, the stuff you have to actively engage in to really appreciate. The Jazz Kamerata is content to let you sit back and simply enjoy how the musicians complement one another." - Home Theater Magazine