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CAGNONI, Filippo Morace, Angelica Girardi, Orchestra Internationale d'Italia, Massimiliano Caldi

Don Bucefalo

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Filippo Morace - Cagnoni: Don Bucefalo 01. Act I - Or che il sole usci col giorno (Chorus) (7:34) 02. Act I - Ah! Colui che mi dice (Rosa) (8:29) 03. Act I - Oh! Come questo core (Conte) (4:49) 04. Act I - Ma si ragazze mie (Don Bucefalo) (2:39) 05. Act I - Io diro (Agata) (7:14) 06. Act I - Ma dite: voi con Rosa (Carlino) (2:23) 07. Act I - Fra gli scogli e la procella (Rosa) (8:07) 08. Act II - Qui congregati e inosservati (Chorus) (4:24) 09. Act II - Ingrata fantasia! Tu m'abbandoni! (Don Bucefalo) (9:59) 10. Act II - Chi mi ha tolto (Rosa) (3:03) 11. Act II - E permesso? (Don Marco) (2:08) 12. Act II - Ai riguardi io do un addio (Carlino) (6:13) 13. Act II - Ah traditor! (Carlino, Don Bucefalo) (3:07) CD 2 1 Act III: No, non serve altro (Don Marco) 01.05 2 Act III: Ma vedi se davvero (Agata) 05.14 3 Act III: Non fuggirmi, mio ben (Conte, Rosa) 08.47 4 Act III: Servo di lor, signori professori (Don Bucefalo) 02.06 5 Act III: Trai, trai, trai (Don Bucefalo) 04.29 6 Act III: Grazie, grazie, miei cari (Don Bucefalo) 01.04 7 Act III: O colli nativi! (Chorus) 02.35 8 Act III: Signor vincemmo! (Don Bucefalo, Don Marco) 03.34 9 Act III: Son rimasta (Rosa, Conte, Don Marco, Don Bucefalo) 01.36 10 Act III: Dunque ingrata! (Carlino, Rosa) 02.03 11 Act III: D'ineffabile contento (Rosa) 04.27
  • Filippo Morace - baritone
  • Angelica Girardi - soprano
  • Orchestra Internationale d'Italia - orchestra
  • Massimiliano Caldi - conductor
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Nr kat.: CDS634
Label  : Dynamic (Italia)

Don Bucefalo Filippo Morace Rosa Angelica Girardi Il Conte di Belprato Francesco Marsiglia Agata Mizuki Date Gianetta Francesca De Giorgi Carlino Massimiliano Silvestri Don Marco Graziano De Pace Conductor Massimiliano Caldi Orchestra Italian International Orchestra Chorus Slovak Chamber Choir Don Bucefalo was first staged on 28th June 1847 at the Milan Conservatory, as the final test of the nineteen-year-old Antonio Cagnoni (1828-1896) This was his third opera (after Rosalia di San Miniato and I due Savoiardi), but the first to bring him success. Critics of the time saw in him "the germ of lively, vivid, spontaneous wit" and hoped that he would find a far-sighted impresario, willing to invest in order to open up for him "the path to a public theatrical career". Indeed, after its "première" in Milan, Don Bucefalo was performed again in various theatres both in Italy and abroad; it won success wherever it was staged and led Ricordi to buy the rights to the opera. Don Bucefalo adopts all the formulas of the comic genre (from its vocal roles to its structures, to the writing of recitative and "spoken" passages, to the arrangement of instrumentation), it is certainly part of the tradition but at the same time makes fun of it, manipulates it by intervening in all its fields: tempi, rhythms, vocal styles. The opera thus appears as a synthesis and as a step beyond the stereotypes of contemporary comic opera.