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BRUCKNER, Wolfgang Sawallisch, Bayerisches Staatsorchester

Symohonie No. 5

Symphony no 5 in B flat major, WAB 105
  • Wolfgang Sawallisch - conductor
  • Bayerisches Staatsorchester - orchestra
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Nr kat.: S241911
Label  : Orfeo

Bruckner?s Fifth has received more lousy performances than any of his symphonies, and accordingly few great ones. The best, for my money, remain Gielen (Intercord), Abbado (DG), Skrowaczewski (Oehms), and Jochum II (EMI), but this may be the greatest of them all. It?s one of those performances where everything just goes right. The orchestra plays with true feeling for the idiom. The strings remain alert, giving life to their acres of tremolo and even the least interesting accompaniment. The brass sound distinct within their sections but blend beautifully in the chorales, and make a big sound that never turns crude. Sawallisch and his engineers achieve ideal balances that let the big moments ride on a cushion of strings supported by firm timpani. This means that the final climax glides and soars as Bruckner intended. Listen to the closing pages and to the way Sawallisch assembles the long line of triumphant sonority?it?s never been done better (first sound clip). But there are just as many great moments along the way. The scherzo is a miracle of dance-like rhythms and dynamic, eruptive outbursts, its multiple tempo areas perfectly judged (second sound clip). The Adagio, too, has all of the necessary gravity, but at just shy of 17 minutes it?s neither too slow, nor too swift. Finally, (or initially) the symphony opens very impressively, those grand unison phrases and answering chorales full of tension and anticipation of the argument to come. The allegro, when it arrives, carries with it a genuine physical impulse. Really, Sawallisch never made a finer recording than this one. Out of print for many years, it seems to be available once again. Grab it while you can. -- David Hurwitz, ClassicsToday.com