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BRITTEN, A chorus of animals, An East Suffolk Children's Orchestra

Noye's Fludde; The Golden Vanity

Benjamin Britten - Noye's Fludde; The Golden Vanity [Burgess] 01. Noye's Fludde - Lord Jesus, think on me (3:06) 02. Noye's Fludde - I God, that all this worlde hath wroughte (2:05) 03. Noye's Fludde - Have done, you men and wemen all (2:39) 04. Noye's Fludde - Now in the name of God I will begyne (4:18) 05. Noye's Fludde - Noye, Noye, take thou thy company (6:07) 06. Noye's Fludde - Wiffe, come in! why standes thou their? (5:09) 07. Noye's Fludde - Ha! children, me thinkes my botte removes (8:18) 08. Noye's Fludde - Now forty dayes are fullie gone (5:10) 09. Noye's Fludde - Noye, take thy wife anone (2:39) 10. Noye's Fludde - Noye, heare I behette thee a heste (1:15) 11. Noye's Fludde - The spacious firmament on high (7:26) 12. The Golden Vanity - 1 (6:12) 13. The Golden Vanity - 2 (3:19) 14. The Golden Vanity - 3 (4:39) 15. The Golden Vanity - 4 (3:18)
  • A chorus of animals - choir
  • An East Suffolk Children's Orchestra - orchestra
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Nr kat.: 4808041
Label  : UNIVERSAL (Japan)


Noye's Fludde / Golden Vanity by Britten / Wadsworth School was released May 03, 1993 on the Decca Import label. Recordings of this delightful church parable Noyes Fludde (Noah's Flood) are extremely rare and none certainly are as authoritative as this one under the supervision of the composer. Noye's Fludde / Golden Vanity For contrast, included also here is one of Britten's most notorious secular works The Golden Vanity which he subtitled 'A Vaudeville for boys and piano'. Great fun! Noye's Fludde / Golden Vanity contains a single disc with 15 songs. >>> Płyty K2HD do odtworzenia we wszystkich typach czytników CD oraz DVD. Nowe wcielenie technologii XRCD - jeszcze bardziej precyzyjne i... analogowe! Klasyczny high-end! <<<