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BRAHMS, Lincoln Mayorga

Brahms in Autumn

Lincoln Mayorga - Brahms in Autumn 01. Capriccio in F sharp minor, Opus 76 (3:16) 02. Capriccio in B minor, Opus 76 (3:13) 03. Intermezzo in A flat, Opus 76 (1:58) 04. Intermezzo in B flat, Opus 76 (1:44) 05. Capriccio in C sharp minor, Opus 76 (3:05) 06. Intermezzo in A, Opus 76 (3:17) 07. Intermezzo in A minor, Opus 76 (2:54) 08. Capriccio in C, Opus 76 (3:48) 09. Intermezzo in E flat, Opus 117 (4:04) 10. Intermezzo in B flat minor, Opus 117 (4:14) 11. Intermezzo in C sharp minor, Opus 117 (5:27) 12. Intermezzo in A minor, Opus 118 (1:57) 13. Intermezzo in A, Opus 118 (4:53) 14. Ballade in G minor, Opus 118 (3:11) 15. Intermezzo in F minor, Opus 118 (2:42) 16. Romance in F, Opus 118 (3:06) 17. Intermezzo in E flat minor, Opus 118 (5:00)
  • Lincoln Mayorga - piano
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Nr kat.: SL10077
Label  : Sheffield Lab

Audiofilska w każdym calu - nagranie z laboratorium Sheffield

This music constitutes Brahms' most important contribution to the piano literature. A lifelong Brahmsian, Mayorga plays these pieces with an orchestral approach that is direct and personal. Sheffield's piano recording is warm, intimate and immediate. For more than 25 years, Sheffield Lab has been selected by many of the most respected names in the audio industry to create custom projects using the award-winning "Sheffield Sound". Since their pioneer direct disc recordings in 1968, audiophiles the world over have relied on Sheffield to provide the authentic musical source that is the first component of a true high-fidelity system. Sheffield's legendary engineering team designs and produces their own recording equipment from the cables up, to deliver the highest possible sonic quality available. The Sheffield Lab name on this product guarantees you an unparalleled experience of musical excitement from recorded music. You'll not only hear the Sheffield difference, you'll FEEL it! .