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Bill Evans Trio

At The Montreux Jazz Festival

One For Helen 5:20 A Sleepin' Bee 6:03 Mother Of Earl 5:14 Nardis 8:05 I Loves You, Porgy 6:01 The Touch Of Your Lips 4:43 Embraceable You 6:42 Someday My Prince Will Come 6:06 Walkin' Up 3:37 Quiet Now 6:17
  • Bill Evans Trio - group

Produkt w tej chwili niedostępny.

Audiophile ears listening to these nine titles will be surprised by the unique musical empathy of this piano/bass/percussion trio. This is also unusual given the fact that the Casino in Montreux is not exactly famous for its acoustics. All of the songs are full of fire and elegance, are rich in harmony, surprising twists and turns of rhythm and complicated changes of tempo. Eddie Gomez, who had been a member of the trio for two years at the time of recording, is far more than just a new face; and the drummer Jack DeJohnette, who often seems surprised by the changes, is an ideal partner for Bill Evans. The aggressiveness of the bass sound leads the introverted Bill Evans to new pastures: sometimes his playing is even full of exuberance and joy, as is particularly apparent in the "children's song" "Someday My Prince Will Come," where he creates a more mellow mood than is found on other recordings.

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