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Bill Evans

Further conversations with myself

Further conversations with myself image
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1 Emily 4:52 2 Yesterdays 3:48 3 Santa Claus Is Coming To Town 3:45 4 Funny Man 3:43 5 Shadow of Your Smile, The (Love Theme From "The Sandpiper") 8:01 6 Little Lulu 2:48 7 Quiet Now 7:53
  • Bill Evans - piano
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Nr kat.: UCCU6328
Label  : UNIVERSAL (Japan)
Nośnik w tej chwili niedostępny.

CD (digi):

Nr kat.: 5598322
Label  : Verve

The idea for this album is an extension of the idea behind an album Bill made four years ago, called, Conversations With Myself. Rarely has an album been so well named. In it, Bill became a trio--recording one piano track and then, using headphones, adding a second track, then a third. The mere conception is enough to clear all eight sinus passages. The album itself was impossibly good and is acknowledged to be one of the most stunning ventures ever recorded.


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