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Beverley Sisters

Decca Singles

1. I've Been Thinking 2. I Remember Mama 3. Have You Ever Been Lonely? 4. Humming Bird 5. My Heart Goes A Sailing 6. Teddy Bear 7. Willie Can 8. We've Started Courtin; 9. Rickshaw Boy 10. You Ought To Have A Wife 11. Born to Be With You 12. It's Easy 13. Come Home To My Arms 14. Doodle Doo Doo 15. I Dreamed 16. Mama from the Train 17. I'll See You in My Dreams 18. Blow the Wind Southerly 19. Bye, Bye, Love 20. The Young Caballero 21. Riding Down To Bangor 22. Without You 23. Always and Forever 24. Siesta 25. I Would (Climb The Highest Mountain)
  • Beverley Sisters
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Nr kat.: CDLK4156
Label  : DUTTON Laboratories

"Joy, Babs and Teddie – the Beverley sisters – were a British trio that were clearly influenced by the various American sister groups of the 1940's and 1950's, but they were no mere copycats. They did cover plenty of American songs, as most British singers did in those days, but their style was very much their own. The backing is orchestral but used sparingly to highlight the sisters' lovely harmonies. They recorded for different record labels, but this collection focuses on the period from 1955 to 1959, when they were with Decca. During that time, they had four UK hits, but two of them (Little drummer boy and Little donkey) were Christmas songs and have been excluded from this collection for that reason. Their other two UK hits from this period, Willie can and I dreamed, are both included. Their cover versions demonstrate a varied repertoire, including such diverse songs as Bye bye love (Everly brothers), Have you ever been lonely (a country classic), Born to be with you (Poni-tails), Blow the wind southerly (a traditional folk song) and the classic I'll see you in my dreams. If you enjoy British female singers of the fifties or the various American sister group, especially the McGuire sisters, you will enjoy this. And if you do, you may wish to buy another collection of their music to get some of their music from the early fifties. "