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BERKELEY, POULENC, BRITTEN, John Mark Ainsley, Malcolm Martineau

French Connections

Berkeley: Five Poems of W.H. Auden, Op. 53 1. Lauds (Among the leaves the small birds sing) 2. O lurcher-loving collier 3. What’s in your mind, my dove, my coney 4. Eyes look into the well 5. Carry her over the water Poulenc: Tel jour telle nuit 6. Bonne journée j’ai revu qui je n’oublie pas 7. Une ruine coquille vide 8. Le front comme un drapeau perdu 9. Une roulotte couverte en tuiles 10. À toutes brides toi dont le fantôme 11. Une herbe pauvre 12. Je n’ai envie que de t’aimer 13. Figure de force brûlante et farouche 14. Nous avons fait la nuit 15. Poulenc: Fancy 16. Britten: Fancie Heggie: Friendly Persuasions 17. Wanda Landowska 18. Pierre Bernac 19. Raymonde Linossier 20. Paul Éluard 21. Poulenc: Bleuet Britten: The Holy Sonnets of John Donne, Op. 35 22. O my blacke Soule! 23. Batter my heart 24. O might those sighes and teares 25. Oh, to vex me 26. What if this present 27. Since she whom I loved 28. At the round earth’s imagined corners 29. Thou hast made me 30. Death, be not proud
  • John Mark Ainsley - tenor
  • Malcolm Martineau - piano
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Nr kat.: CKD477
Label  : Linn Records

• John Mark Ainsley’s cleverly constructed recital highlights the personal and musical connections of four of the twentieth century’s best song writers: Britten, Poulenc, Heggie and Berkeley. • The breadth of repertoire showcases Ainsley’s range, expansive vocal colour, expressive voice and exceptional understanding of text. • Accompanying Ainsley is Malcolm Martineau, to whom Heggie’s Friendly Persuasions is dedicated. The American composer pays homage to Poulenc with four imaginative songs, each of which recreates in miniature a transformative friendship in Poulenc’s life. • In 2008 Ainsley and Martineau gave the world premiere performance of Friendly Persuasions at Wigmore Hall, London. • The recital also includes three works by Poulenc: Fancy, Bleuet and Tel jour telle nuit, a beautifully conceived and shaped cycle; considered Poulenc’s greatest vocal work it is reminiscent of the great cycles of a century earlier such as Winterreise or Dichterliebe. • Despite French heritage and fluency in the language Berkeley’s friendship with Britten led him to set verse by the English poet, W.H. Auden instead. His Five Poems are some of the best of their kind; a cohesive and satisfying collection, Berkeley perfectly captures both the fanciful and reflective elements of Auden's poetry. • Auden in turn re-introduced Britten to the works of John Donne, which Britten went on to set in his Holy Sonnets; darkly moving and highly demanding, they are among his finest work.