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BEETHOVEN, Angela Hewitt

Piano Sonatas 1

  • Piano Sonata No 7 in D major, Op 10 No 3
  • 1 Movement 1: Presto [7'16]
  • 2 Movement 2: Largo e mesto [11'02]
  • 3 Movement 3: Menuetto. Allegro [2'38] [4'23]
  • Piano Sonata No 4 in E flat major 'Grande Sonate', Op 7
  • 5 Movement 1: Allegro molto e con brio [8'22]
  • 6 Movement 2: Largo, con gran espressione [8'28]
  • 7 Movement 3: Allegro [4'49]
  • 8 Movement 4: Rondo. Poco allegretto e grazioso [6'55]
  • Piano Sonata No 23 in F minor 'Appassionata', Op 57
  • 9 Movement 1: Allegro assai [9'22]
  • 10 Movement 2: Andante con moto [5'46]
  • 11 Movement 3: Allegro ma non troppo [8'15]
  • Angela Hewitt - piano
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Nr kat.: CDA67518
Label  : Hyperion

Angela Hewitt is rapidly establishing herself as one of the great pianists of our age, her concert career expanding as rapidly as her discography, so it seems only right that, following her success in tackling one of the pillars of classical music in Bach, she should tackle another in Beethoven. This volume commences a survey of Beethoven sonatas which will couple the well known, in this case the ‘Appassionata’, with the comparatively neglected, here the grandest of Beethoven’s early sonatas, his Op 7. The disc is completed with a superb performance of Op 10/3, one of the early sonatas where Beethoven can be seen breaking the bounds of convention to create the style which would define the great works of his middle period. All the pianistic hallmarks of Hewitt’s Bach are also to be found here—clarity, attention to detail, singing lines and, above all, a rhythmic drive which energizes and propels the music forward. This looks like being the start of another very important series of recordings. Available in multichannel hybrid SACD and conventional CD formats. ------------------------------- GRAMOPHONE EDITOR'S CHOICE DAILY TELEGRAPH CD OF THE WEEK 'Clarity, elegance, intelligence, a belief in letting the composer speak: the winner of the Gramophone Artist of the Year award parades her qualities in the first of a new Beethoven series that balances the overfamiliar Appassionata with the connoisseur’s Op 10 No 3 and neglected Op 7. There’s not a dead note anywhere. The largos find her piercing the depths; she’s equally impressive at quicksilver turns and tumbling cascades' (The Times) 'As this impressive new disc shows, it is a mistake to try to pigeon-hole Angela Hewitt' (Daily Telegraph) 'Angela Hewitt brings her trademark intelligence and poise to these fine recordings... In [the Appasionata] she shows a firm grasp of the work's majestic architecture, realising each dramatic climax while steadily sustaining its momentum. But it is in the slow movements of the other two sonatas, especislly the D major, that Hewitt is at her most affecting, her depth of feeling equal to the 'great expression' demanded by the composer' (The Observer) 'Angela Hewitt's first instalment in a projected Beethoven sonata cycle offers intelligent, stylish and often illuminating interpretations... Fusing poetry and passion, Hewitt lets her long hair down and her fingers run wild' (Gramophone) 'There's nothing in the packaging or labelling of this, her first Beethoven CD, that promises recordings of all the sonatas, but don't be too surprised if that's what we eventually get. The three here are so good that Hewitt's countless fans are unlikely to sit still for anything less than a complete cycle...Once again she uses the superb sound of her instrument to create music of the greatest beauty' (Ottowa Citizen) 'Every bit as intellectually lucid, technically secure and focussed, as her Bach... This exhilarating clarity of thought is matched by her clean incisive sound (well caught by the recording), and helps to contribute to the striking sense of purpose in these relatively early and still essentially classical works' (BBC Music Magazine) 'There's red-hot fire in Hewitt's belly as she tackles these three Beethoven masterpieces. The two earlier sonatas...glitter with adroit wit. The 'Appassionata' is startlingly explosive - as it should be' (Classic FM Magazine) 'After a magnificent series of Bach recordings, star pianist Angela Hewitt now turns her attention to Beethoven's piano sonatas and if future releases are anything to go by this first disc, we are in for one of the most rewarding cycles of modern times. Her choice is well judged with Op. 10, #3 and the F minor Appassionata paired with the fiery Op. 7, a lovely cocktail if there ever was one' (Classical.net) '… She throws herself into it body and soul, giving the disc the frisson of a concert performance (without so much as a smudged note), the thrill of a first hearing …' (International Piano Magazine) 'Hewitt meets Beethoven head on. It will not do to call her a woman pianist. She is a pianist's pianist, period, pure and simple, capable of holding her own with any number of brilliant men who have recorded this music. She has formidable finger strength. Her pianissimos have elegance and discretion, but her fortisssimos and sforzandos are clarion calls to rouse lovers of romanticism. Her response, say, to those familiar knuckle-crunching demands of the Appassionata's last movement is gasp-inducing, yet she never blurs a note or lets a chord get crowded or ugly' (Audiophile Audition) 'A very promising start to another Beethoven cycle … If Hewitt continues on this trajectory, her Beethoven sonatas should be as enriching as her Bach has proved to be' (Fanfare, USA)


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