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BACH, Louis Armstrong, Eva Cassidy, Linda Ronstadt, The O-Zone Percussion Group, BIZET, VERDI

Tannoy - British Sound

01 BWV. 565 Toccata From: Made in Germany—Audiophile TestComposer: Bach 03:54$0 02 Summertime From: Louis Armstrong—What A Wonderful WorldSinger:Louis Armstrong & Ella 05:00$001BWV. 565 Toccata From: Made in Germany—Audiophile Test Composer: Bach 03:54 02 Summertime From: Louis Armstrong—What A Wonderful World Singer: Louis Armstrong & Ella 05:00 03 Ain`t No Sunshine From: High-End Audiophile Test DemoⅣ Singer: Eva Cassidy 03:27 04 May You Have Happiness From: Supreme Stereo Sound No.7—Golden Lips Singer: Jzumi Masuda 03:41 05 Amazing Grace From: Supreme Stereo Sound No.8—Luscious Voice Singer: Randy Owen 03:36 06 The Way We Were From:Rosemary Clooney —Limited Edition Singer: Rosemary Clooney 05:06 07 Cry Me A River From:1970-2005 35 Years’ Tubes Singer: Linda Ronstadt 04:27 08 Let The Moon Bridge You And Me From:Paramount-Original Rare Singer: Shirley 03:25 09 Jacob’s Dream From: Made in Germany—Voice Singer: Alison Krauss 05:25 10 Jazz VariantsPerformer: The O-zone Percussion Group 01:01 11 In a Mystic Place From:The Rebirth of Great ViolinsPerformer: Li Chuanyun 06:50 12 No. 26 Choeur et Scène From : Carmen Composer: Georges Bizet 04:22 13 Tango Rapsodia From : Supreme Stereo Sound No.1—Red SleevesFrom : Supreme Stereo Sound No.1—Red Sleeves 06:24 14 Ballet Music from Aida From : Made in Germany—Classical Composer: Verdi 04:33 15 Orpheus in the Underworld (excerpt) Composer: Offenbach 05:36
  • Louis Armstrong - trumpet
  • Eva Cassidy - vocals, guitar
  • Linda Ronstadt - vocal
  • The O-Zone Percussion Group - group
  • BACH

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AAD is a Digital Copy Of The Master Tape

Tannoy 85th Stereo Test Record