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BACH, KREISLER, PAGANINI, YSAYE, Elmar Oliveira, Nelson Padgett

Selection from 'The Miracle Makers'

Selection from 'The Miracle Makers' image
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01 J.S.BACH ALLEMANDE, PARTITA No.2 Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù l737 ‘King Joseph’ 05:14 02 KREISLER LIEBESLEID Antonio Stradivari l727 ‘Dupont 03:34 03 BLOCH “NIGUN”FROM BAAL SHEM Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù l742 ‘Wieniawski’ 06:47 04 MARTINON SONATINE NO.5 Antonio Stradivari l708 ‘Ruby’ Antonio Stradivari l708 ‘Ruby’ 04:12 05 PAGANINI CAPRICE NO.13 Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù l735 ‘Plowden’ 02:44 06 J.S.BACH ADAGIO,SONATA NO.1 Antonio Stradivari l723 ‘Kiesewetter’ 05:02 07 YSAŸE SONATA NO.3.BALLADE Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesu 1740 ‘Ysaÿe’ 06:41 08 BLOCH “SIMCHAS TORAH” FROM BAAL SHEM Antonio Stradivari l701 ‘Dushkin’ 04:19 09 BRAHMS HUNGARIAN DANCE NO.5 Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù l742 ‘Sloan 02:25 10 J.S.BACH SARABANDE,PARTITA NO.2 Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù l734 ‘Le Violon du Diable’ 03:52 11 BLOCH “VIDUI”FROM BAAL SHEM Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù l720 ‘Kartman’ 03:23 12 KREISIER LA GITANA Antonio Stradivari l734 ‘Willemotte’ 02:56 13 J.S.BACH COURANTE, PARTITA NO.2 Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù 1735 ‘D’Egville’ 02:57 14 VITALI CHACONNE Antonio Stradivari l736 ‘Muntz’ 10:23 15 BRAHMS HUNGARIAN DANCE NO.2 Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù l744 ‘O1e Bull’ 03:11 16 The surround will be only presented in multi track Various Artists 02:25
  • Elmar Oliveira - viola
  • Nelson Padgett - piano
  • BACH
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Nr kat.: SACD-034
Label  : ABC Int. Records

na najsłynniejszych skrzypcach Stardivariego i Guarneriego

Płyta zrealizowana z wykorzystaniem technologii i realizacyjnego wsparcia Marka Levinsona Stradivari and Guarneri Del Gesù, two great names closely linked to the history and art of violin, are rare in the world. Their value are improving day by day. They can never by reproduced. They are the genuine “Miracle Makers”. Because of Stradivari Society ,Jeoffrey Fushi and Mary Galvin, as well as so many philanthropists, unvaluable violins are assembled together at the society from the private strongboxes of individuals and the glass counter of museums. The society lend these violins to outstanding young violinists, in whose hands these violins regain their life and they have offered their uncomparable sounds to music lovers. ABC Cultural Communication Ltd. Introduced the Chinese version of The Miracle Makers completed by Mr. Fushi, and the CDs specially recorded with originality to the audience. Besides, Stradivari society provided us much time to do some other recordings, such as The Soul of Violin, which will be published soon, etc. Fifteen Violin Kings and Thirty Violin Kings are two of them. Fifteen Violin Kings is a collection of performances of 15 unvaluable violins gathered by the Stradivari Society. The recording effect of the album is very clear, and the tone is extraordinarily elegant. Fifteen Violin Kings of Stradivari and Guarneri certainly will offer music lovers lifetime enjoyment.