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Artis Voice Quartet

LoveStoria per Sempre

John Dowland - What if I never speed Juan Del Encina - Fata la parte Anonimus - Canto Carnascialesco Clement Jannequin - Au Joli Jeu Josquin Des Pres - El Grillo Antonio Scandello - Bona sera, come stai cor mio John Bennet - A hunts up Baldasare. Donati - Gagliarda Claudin de Sermisy - Languir me fais Pierre Passereau - Il est bel et bon Claude le Jeune - La sortie de gendarmes Claude Goudimel - Par le desert Pierre Certon - La, la la je ne l'ose dire Orlando Di Lasso - Matona Mia Cara Clement Jannequin - Le chant des oiseaux Guillaume Costeley - Mignonne alons voir si la rose Claudin De Sermisy - Martin menait son pourcean Francis Pilkington - Rest sweet nymphes Thomas Ravenscroft - Servant out of service Orlando di Lasso - Bonjour mon Coeur Erasmus Widmann - Wohlauf ihr gaste Luca Marenzio - Zeffiro torna Orlando Di Lasso - O, occhi manza mia
  • Artis Voice Quartet - quartet
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Nr kat.: Loveper
Label  : Son Art

Most of the musical pieces in this album (madrigals composed during the Renaissance) are idyllic. Love is as old as the hills and yet it is always fresh and new. Its freshness can be marred by neither time nor the evolution of civilization through the centuries. The Renaissance madrigal is a creation that lacks any complex. It comprises the most intimate facets of the soul, the sublime nature of purity and desire. The structure of the madrigal is created with simple and apparently average means. It bears the mark of an age which required ingenuity of content, affectation in verse and vocal virtuosity to win the heart of the woman one loved. This is vocal music that belongs to the soul. The form it comes under belongs to an age in which music was performed by everyone and offered joy to all, an age which knew no barriers between performer and listener. That is why it has always been enjoyed by audiences all over the world. Artis Voice Quartet is a professional vocal group which has been performing since 2001. It includes four outstanding musicians, two tenors, a baritone and a bass. Artis Voice Quartet have gained valuable experience through successful appearances on stage and audio productions. They have proved to be a revelation in the world of vocal music. Critics have highlighted "the homogeneity of the general sound" and their exceptional appearances on stage. The group have won the hearts of their audiences through performances fraught with emotion and a passion that is rendered through vibrant sound energy and unique vocal virtuosity. Artis Voice Quartet Tenor 1: George Vlad Tenor 2: Emanuel Pecingina Baritone: Andrei Bolohan Bass: Arnold Mack