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Artie Traum

Last Romantic

Artie Traum - The Last Romantic 01. A Day in Polizzi Generosa (4:42) 02. The Two Rubys (3:34) 03. Braziliana (4:10) 04. The Last Romantic (4:22) 05. High-String Mania (3:09) 06. The Blue Hotel (4:30) 07. Against the Odds (4:21) 08. Dune (4:24) 09. The Sun at Worldset (3:22) 10. Fjords Ahead (3:05) 11. Gingersnaps (3:51) 12. Truro (5:30) 13. Salty Soup (4:20) 14. Empire Blues (2:23)
  • Artie Traum - guitar
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Label  : Narada

Artie Traum is a singer/songwriter based in Woodstock, NY. Born in the Bronx, he followed his brother Happy into folk music in the early '60s in the New York area, taking guitar lessons from jazz artists. He and his brother formed the folk-rock group the Children of Paradise in the mid-'60s and, after Happy's departure, they changed their name to Bear and recorded an album for Verve/Forecast. Traum moved to Woodstock in 1967 and has worked as a record producer and written film soundtracks. He has also recorded albums with his brother and with the Woodstock Mountain Revue; among his solo releases were 1986's Cayenne, 1993's Letters From Joubee and 1996's View From Here. ~ William Ruhlmann, All Music Guide