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Arnie Somogyi's Ambulance

Accident and Insurgency - goscinie Eddie Henderson

  • Walking Wounded;
  • Mick the Fish;
  • Captain Courageous;
  • Lobster Pot 999;
  • Don't Improvise;
  • Solace;
  • Serenity;
  • Adrift;
  • Sirenity (aka Deaf on Arrival);
  • Broadside*
  • Arnie Somogyi's Ambulance
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Nr kat.: AKD306
Label  : Linn Records

“Engagingly fresh, full-bodied, subtle” - The Guardian ------------------------- „Ta grupa dokładnie wie czego chce! Silna linia melodyczna, intensywna improwizacja!” – The Herald „To niespotykane połączenie wzajemnego wyczuwania nastroju innych muzyków, troskliwe i skrupulatne traktowanie każdego szczegółu w połączeniu z naturalną chęcią zabawy oraz eksperymentowania tworzą mieszankę zaiste radosną”. **** Jazzwise „Inteligentny i eksperymentujący współczesny jazz...” – **** The Scotsman „Płyta jest wybitnie dynamiczną składanką przepełnioną niespodziankami, dudniącymi akordami i gwałtownymi zmianami tempa, efektami atmosferycznymi i improwizowanymi partiami solo” **** BBC Music Magazine „Efekt końcowy jest czasami nadzwyczajny” – Independent on Sunday „Różnorodne, przemyślane i cały czas wciągające.” **** The Time „Przepełnione wymyślnymi manipulacjami brzmienia i barwy instrumentów, zadziwiającymi akordami i niesamowitymi zmianami tempa. **** The List „Jedenaście oryginalnych kompozycji jakże tajemniczych i cokolwiek ekscentrycznych. Jakże trudno jest powstrzymać samego siebie przed kolejną dawką tej muzyki” Straight No Chaser „Miła i pobudzająca...” – The Northern Echo „Swobodna muzykalność Hendersona, z doświadczeniem większym od pozostałych muzyków, ma zdecydowanie pozytywny wpłyt na grę zespołu.” www.muszeroldal.hu „Cudowna, porywająca muzyka” – George FM – Nowa Zelandia „Niezwykle radosna i wciągająca kompilacja.” Vortex Jazz Website One of the aims when Ambulance first formed was to make it sound like a band, rather than a bunch of musicians playing one person's compositions. We felt it important that there should be the opportunity for complete spontaneity within the structure of the music - if anybody felt like changing tack halfway through a tune they should be able to. In 2006 the five of us, minus Eddie Henderson, were the first jazz group to be offered a musical development residency at Snape Maltings, near Aldeburgh on the Suffolk coast. We spent a lot of time improvising freely and most of the tracks on this CD have been written around those moments, captured on minidisc and inspired by people and places in and around Aldeburgh. Having worked frequently with Eddie Henderson, I knew that his musical open-mindedness and generosity of spirit would dovetail with the band so I invited him to tour with us during May 2006. The bulk of this recording (over 45 minutes) was completed during one four-hour live session, mid-tour, and I think captures the essence of the band. The Atomic Weapons Research Establishment, Orford Ness Suite was freely improvised around discussed musical frameworks - nothing was written down. Walking Wounded A perennial Ambulance favourite, this has been part of the set since the very beginning. Mick the Fish You can buy freshly caught fish directly from the small huts on the beach in Aldeburgh. We bought our cod from Mick Lawson. Rob used fragments from a recorded interview with him, blended with the sound of the sea at Aldeburgh and some reversed piano chords to create the sound bed for this improvisation. Mick is not actually a fish. Captain Courageous This is about a fisherman on Aldeburgh beach, who only goes out in really bad weather. Consequently, the other fishermen call him Captain Courageous. His real name's Kirk! It starts with the sound of me walking across the shingle. The changes in feel and tempo on this tune were completely spontaneous. Tumbledown Tim wrote this beautiful ballad after the Aldeburgh residency. The title comes from the "tumbling down" melody halfway through the tune. Lobster Pot 999 Improvised around three nine bar sections in 9/8. I fell asleep listening to this track and had a dream about a giant lobster called Derek. According to the Guinness World Records, the heaviest marine crustacean to be found was an American or North Atlantic lobster that weighed 44lb 6oz (20.14kg). It was discovered off the east coast of North America in 1977. I'm not sure if it had a name. Don't Improvise Recently it seems to have become fashionable in jazz to reduce improvisational content in favour of repetitive grooves. I thought it would be fun to write a tune where nothing ever changes for the bass or piano but which allows for plenty of improvisation over the top. It features a melody written for the unlikely and unfashionable combination of soprano saxophones and bass clarinets. Solace As well as improvising as a group we spent time working individually in the practice rooms at Snape Maltings. Tim ended up in a very small, cell-like room. I think he felt quite at home, hence the title of the composition he wrote there. Serenity I hope this evokes a suitably maritime feel. Dave emulated the sound of waves crashing on the shingle; Paul and Rob imitated seagulls, by squawking loudly and nicking people's fish and chips. Adrift The melody and root-notes for this ballad were freely improvised by Paul, Dave and myself, after a bracing walk around Snape Marshes. Paul transcribed them and created this arrangement. Sirenity The Ambulance theme tune. Broadside Dedicated to one of our favourite beers, this tune is written in 13/8 and starts with the sound of Dave playing the Britten shell sculpture on Aldeburgh beach. The electronic loop is the same recording manipulated electronically by Rob. The drone is actually the sound of the sea - again broken down into fragments of sound and rebuilt into something different. Arnie Somogyi


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