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Antonio Forcione

in Concert

  • 1. Heartbeat
  • 2. Tears of Joy
  • 3. Attempo
  • 4. African Dawn
  • 5. Tatubatu
  • 6. Sahara Rain
  • 7. Night Passage
  • 8. Funky
  • 9. Indian Café
  • 10. Tarantella
  • 11. Maurizio’s Party
  • 12. Bonus Track: Touch Wood
  • Antonio Forcione - guitar

Produkt w tej chwili niedostępny.

Commissioned by Naim, following the AFQ’s magnificent sell out gigs both in the UK and mainland Europe. Recorded by Martin Levan of Red Kite Studio, the DVD captures the performance of the band at its best. The combination of an intimate theatre - the Trinity in Tunbridge Wells - and the realistic sound and images captured make this an unmissable 100 minutes. For those lucky enough to get to see the AFQ during their tour, this DVD will bring back very good memories. For those who didn’t: it will be an inspiration to book tickets now. This DVD - available now - the first from the Naim Label, celebrates the live performance of the Antonio Forcione quartet.


  • Jenny Adejayan - Nigeria/Grenada - cello
  • Adriano Adewale – Brazil - percussion/drainpipes
  • Nathan Thomson – Australia - double bass/flute
  • Antonio Forcione - Italy - nylon, steel string and the *Ouddan fretless guitar


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