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Anima, Arcady, Linda Arnold, William Coulter, Bill Douglas, Alasdair Fraser, Barbara Higbie

Celtic Twilight 3 - Lullabies

  • Celtic Twilight 3 - Lullabies
  • 01. Arcady - John O' Dreams (3:45)
  • 02. Kate Power - Castle of Dromore (4:53)
  • 03. Maireid Sullivan - Connamara Cradle Song (5:29)
  • 04. Julie Last - A Nightingale's Lullaby (3:38)
  • 05. Barbara Higbie - Asleep In My Arms (3:47)
  • 06. Talitha MacKenzie - Theid mi Dhachaigh (3:05)
  • 07. Alasdair Fraser - Christina (3:32)
  • 08. William Coulter - Lagan Love (3:24)
  • 09. Noirin Ni Rianin - Suantraithe (3:52)
  • 10. Anuna - Suantrai (2:44)
  • 11. Bill Douglas - Irish Lullaby (4:33)
  • 12. Arcady - Lullabye (3:52)
  • 13. Linda Arnold - Gartan Mother's Lullaby (4:42)
  • 14. Jeff Johnson & Brian Dunning - All Through The Night (5:02)
  • Anima, Arcady, Linda Arnold, William Coulter, Bill Douglas, Alasdair Fraser, Barbara Higbie - vocal
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Nr kat.: HOS11107
Label  : Hearts of Space

The latest addition to our international hit Celtic Twilght series is a splendid collection of vocal and instrumental lullabies which set an idyllic mood; deep and thoughtful lyrics keep the adult mind engaged. This might be the perfect gift for parents and children of all ages. The Celtic Twilght series ventures into the soul of the Celtic experience and offers a vision beyond boundaries. The emotional range is far-reaching: joyous dances, haunting laments, lovely airs and the pure enchantment of the feminine vocal. Now Hearts of Space producers AL EVERS and STEPHEN HILL take the next logical step in presenting Celtic Twilght 3: Lullabies, a new 14-track collection of some of the most nurturing songs in the world. Contemporary artists from Ireland, Scotland, and the U.S. tap into the wellspring of Celtic tradition, while taking the unique ambience of the Hearts of Space style to another level. On the opening track, ARCADY's "John O'Dreams," the playful steps of BRENDAN POWER's harmonica and NIAMH PARSONS' affectionate vocals are set against a delightfully pastoral landscape of guitar, strings and woodwinds. The lyric refrain, "All things are equal when the day is done," breathes a hope-filled message to the world. The other ARCADY track, "Lullabye," featuring a wonderful vocal performance by FRANCES and MARY BLACK, supports the theme of reunication after periods of sorrow. Four songs, newly commissioned for Lullabies, will enthrall both Celtic enthusiasts and new listeners. KATE POWER's deliciously dusky voice and delicate guitar work showcase the evocative lyrics of Castle of Dromore. Similarly, the rened folk sensibility of JULIE LAST's original "Nightingale's Lullaby," and the gentle blend of synths and harp of BARBARA HIGBIE's "Asleep in My Arms," open a path to dream-lands. Finally, a new instrumental by Jeff Johnson and BRIAN DUNNING, "All Through The Night," joins ambient strains and Celtic visions, with definite soundtrack appeal. Roots enthusiasts will enjoy ALASDAIR FRASER's "Christina," with its charming dedication to a sweet-voiced 8-year-old Gaelic singer. This instrumental piece is carried by Fraser's rich ddle and viola. Another authentic selection is dynamic ex-Mouth Music vocalist TALITHA MACKENZIE's all Gaelic "MacKenzie Lullaby," a family standard from Scotland. For sheer richness, choral works by Bill Douglas and ANUNA have been included. Douglas' simply titled, "Irish Lullaby" is a broad-minded, innovative piece set to a poem by 19th century poet Alfred Graves, and the enchanting, ethereal performance by the ARS NOVA SINGERS is on par with the nest of world choirs. The Irish choir Anuna's "Suantrai (Lullaby)" brings to mind the sweeping sounds of 1996's hit album Songs of Sanctuary by Adiemus. In addition to the pieces already mentioned, stunning vocals are abundant. Noirn Ni Riain's "Suantraithe (Lullabies)" begins in an otherworldly state and slows sweetly to a deeply emotional sigh, recalling Kate Bush's "This Woman's Work." The interplay between voice and instrumentation produces moments of unmatched beauty. MAIRID SULLIVAN's Connamara Cradle Song, the source of the American folk classic "Down in the Valley," is equally strong, as Ms. Sullivan's powerful vocal complements a bold use of Uillean pipes and tin whistle. An instrumental highlight is Todd Denham's pipes playing on WILLIAM COULTER's "Lagan Love," a calming, restful track guided by Coulter's production. No lullaby compilation would seem complete without a contribution from children's favorite LINDA ARNOLD. Her "Gartan Mother's Lullaby" is a treasured addition, full of grace and harmony. Hearts of Space has again succeeded in compiling some of todays finest musicians for an honest and un-gimmicked look at the new Celtic tradition. Celtic Twilght 3: Lullabies is an idyllic resting place, a world of aural healing for this generation and for many to come.