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Andreas Vollenweider

Behind The Garden

Andreas Vollenweider - Behind The Gardens- Behind The Wall- Under The Tree (Remastered 2005) 01. Behind the Gardens- Behind the Wall- Under the Tree (7:19) 02. Pyramid- in the Woods- in the Bright Light (8:01) 03. Micro-Macro (2:49) 04. Skin and Skin (4:16) 05. Moonlight- Lion and Sheep (3:02) 06. Sunday (2:17) 07. Afternoon (0:24) 08. Hands and Clouds (2:39) 09. Vergeletto (Live 1982) (4:00) 10. X111 Thirteen (2:08) 11. The Letter (1:42) 12. Little Boy and the Mirror (3:12) 13. Hey You! Yes You... (3:13) BONUS TRACKS Andreas Vollenweider and Friends 1982 live at the Loreley Amphitheatre Germany and... twenty years later live at sunset Zurich Switzerland Introducing VOX 2005 interviews studio work live background info
  • Andreas Vollenweider - harp
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Nr kat.: 0166662CTT
Label  : Edel Records

5 x Bonus Tracks / 2 x Videoclip

Kim Alsos October 7, 2017 Totally unique music, that once you have heard it, is impossible to forget! And you keep coming back to this amazing man's universe! The tracks that hit me the most here is "Micro-Macro", "Moonlight wrapped around us", "Sunday", "Afternoon" and "Hands and clouds".