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Andrea Bocelli

Sì - Forever

Andrea Bocelli - Sì Forever[The Diamond Edition] 01. Andrea Bocelli - Alla Gioia (Ode To Joy) (3:08) 02. Andrea Bocelli - Return To Love (4:34) 03. Andrea Bocelli - Un Reve De Liberté["Ali di Libertà" French Version] (3:32) 04. Andrea Bocelli - Ragazzo Mio (Danny Boy) (4:29) 05. Andrea Bocelli - Il Mare Calmo Della Sera (4:32) 06. Andrea Bocelli - Dormi Dormi Lullaby (4:06) 07. Andrea Bocelli - Amo Soltanto Te (3:21) 08. Andrea Bocelli - If Only (3:37) 09. Andrea Bocelli, Matteo Bocelli - Fall On Me (4:19) 10. Andrea Bocelli - Un'Anima (4:31) 11. Andrea Bocelli - Miele Impuro (3:09) 12. Andrea Bocelli - Gloria The Gift Of Life (3:48) 13. Andrea Bocelli - Vertigo (4:36) 14. Andrea Bocelli - I Am Here["Sono Qui" English Version] (3:49) 15. Andrea Bocelli, Aida Garifullina - Ave Maria Pietas (4:15)
  • Andrea Bocelli - vocal
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Nr kat.: UCCS9050
Label  : UNIVERSAL (Japan)

The Diamond Edition

Andrea Bocelli is one of Italy's greatest exports, with a voice that is instantly recognisable. For his latest album, Si, he teams up with an all-star cast - as well as his youngest son - to produce a beautifully relaxing album. Bocelli takes centre stage on the first track, "Ali Di Liberta", a chilled and familiar-sounding number that showcases the incredible voice of the man himself. His popularity is undoubted and the opener is a particularly strong choice - one of the standouts on the record. The remainder of the album is a mixture of duets and solo numbers, with guests including Ed SHeeran, Josh Groban and Dua Lipa. Bocelli even teams up with youngest son Matteo, their voices similar but clearly distinct - a very novel idea that works well amongst the track running. Whether in an attempt to bring his music to a new audience or out of genuine desire, Bocelli's duets with more modern artists don't always hit the mark - "If Only" with Dua Lipa being one example where the voices don't quite marry up - but, regardless, don't feel totally out of place as you work through the album. The real treat is a rendition of "We Will Meet Again" with Josh Groban. Both artists are not quite tenor, not quite baritone, and their voices combined make for truly rewarding listening. This could well be the big single from the album, and it's bound to please fans and the general easy listening audience more widely too. They say in showbiz that it's all about the big finish. Bocelli may have been better finishing with the resoundingly glorious "Mile Impuro", but the much more sedate acoustic version of the opener "Ali Di Libertà" is a nice little bonus for the Deluxe album. As a complete unit, the album plays very well. Orchestrations are deliciously rich and offer the impression of a grand concert hall with musicians in fine tune. Si is a delightful little album that allows you to escape into the Italian riviera for an hour or so. Fans of Bocelli won't be disappointed at his latest offering with a modern twist. https://www.broadwayworld.com/westend/article/CD-Review-SI-Andrea-Bocelli-20181027