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Ambrose And His Orchestra

Hors d'oeuvres

  • Plain Jane (Phillips)
  • Early morning blues (Phillips)
  • A Burmese ballet (Phillips)
  • Hullabaloo (Phillips)
  • Deep Henderson (Rose)
  • Message from Mars (Phillips)
  • Swinganola (Meskill; Flatow; White)
  • Hick stomp (Phillips)
  • Embassy stomp (Barnes)
  • Memphis blues (Handy)RS
  • Champagne cocktail (Phillips)
  • Fire dance (Danse rituelle du feu) (De Falla)
  • B’wanga (Phillips)
  • The night ride (Phillips)
  • Wood and ivory (Phillips)
  • Cotton pickers’ congregation (Phillips)
  • Caravan (Tizol; Ellington)
  • Streamline strut (Phillips)
  • Hors d’oeuvres (Comer)
  • Tarantula (Phillips)
  • Copenhagen (Davis; Melrose)
  • Dardanella (Fisher; Bernard; Black)
  • Rose of Washington Square (McDonald; Hanley)
  • Dance of the potted puppet (Mourant)
  • Swing low, sweet clarinet (Mourant)
  • Ambrose And His Orchestra - orchestra
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Nr kat.: CDVS1959
Label  : DUTTON Laboratories

To complement Vocalion’s series of Ambrose dance band CDs, we proudly present this addition to the series, but at super bargain price. Ambrose is rightly famous as having led one of Britain ’s finest dance bands during the golden era of the 1920s, ’30s and ’40s, and here he provides further evidence of just why his band was one of the best in the land. He applies his exacting approach to classics such as Juan Tizol’s Caravan and a beautiful arrangement of De Falla’s Fire Dance, but many of the compositions featured here come from the pen of clarinettist Sid Phillips, who for a time during the 1930s was a member of Ambrose’s band. They include charming numbers such as A Burmese Ballet, The Night Ride and Wood and Ivory. The closing tracks – Dance of the Potted Puppet & Swing Low, Sweet Clarinet – are featured solo spots for clarinettists Carl Barriteau and Reginald Kell, respectively.