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Amanda McBroom

The Amanda Albums

Amanda McBroom - The Amanda Albums 01. The Portrait (4:00) 02. Peter the Hermit (1:50) 03. The Rose (3:06) 04. You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' (2:53) 05. Dusk (3:29) 06. Hooray For Hollywood (1:11) 07. Growing Up In Hollywood Town (2:43) 08. Love Letters (3:33) 09. Amanda (4:17) 10. Silent Lady (3:06) 11. Over the Rainbow-Dorothy (4:16) 12. Dock of the Bay (2:14) 13. Not Gonna Say I'm Sorry (2:30) 14. The Walk To Chatham Corners (2:59) 15. Gossamer (4:24) 16. Happy Ending (2:29) 17. Only With You (3:44) 18. Kitshicker (1:53) 19. Reynosa (3:51) 20. My Father Always Promised (2:53)
  • Amanda McBroom - vocal

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GROWING UP IN HOLLYWOOD TOWN has become an audiophile classic around the world and has set a new standard for vinyl recording and hi-fi stereo reproduction. Billboard called the album a "stunning artistic success" and Amanda "the queen of the high end" for the purity of her vocals and the emotional depth of her songs. Sheffield released the second McBroom direct-to-disc recording, WEST OF OZ in 1981. Billboard raves "McBroom's singing is a joy for listeners. The arranging, playing, microphoning and mixing are some of the finest heard anywhere... Talent that sparkles and production to match..." This present disc, The Amanda Albums, compiles both albums into one. Amanda McBroom - w naszej ofercie