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ALBINONI, Sergio Balestracci, Silvia Rambaldi

Trattenimenti da camera, Op. 6

Trattenimenti armonici per camera (12), Trio sonatas for violin, cello & continuo, Op. 6 (T. 6)
  • Sergio Balestracci - flute
  • Silvia Rambaldi - harpsichords
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Nr kat.: 8802098
Label  : Newton Classics

Newton Classics presents the first release of this recording of Albinoni's 'Trattenimenti Da Camera Op.6'. Albinoni was regarded as one of Europe's best instrumental and secular vocal music composers during his own lifetime. The twelve sonatas comprising Op.6 were written during the period 1694 - 1735 in which Albinoni produced nine collections of instrumental pieces. With an overall use of varied keys and dance-forms, Op.6 is a delightful collection that has been sensitively arranged here according to 18th-century practice. Balestracci and Rambaldi's interpretation is a worthwhile addition to the discography of Albinoni's instrumental sonatas. American Record Guide, July / August 2012 This recorder playing is excellent, and often ornamented with finger vibrato. Depending on key, an alto recorder in F or tenor recorder in D is used. The harpsichord is picked up closely, and the straightforward part is enlivened with broken chords and creative fills. Much of the time in slow movements, the harpsichord seems to be strummed more than played, setting the scene under the musical line that unfolds.