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Albert King, Stevie Ray Vaughan

Albert King With Stevie Ray Vaughan

  • 1. Call It Stormy Monday
  • 2. Old Times
  • 3. Pride And Joy
  • 4. Ask Me No Questions
  • 5. Pep Talk
  • 6. Blues At Sunrise
  • 7. Turn It Over
  • 8. Overall Junction
  • 9. Match Box Blues
  • 10. Who Is Stevie?
  • 11. Don't Lie To Me
  • Albert King - vocals, guitar
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan - guitar

Produkt w tej chwili niedostępny.

This is no guitar shootout. It’s a meeting of a mutual admiration society. In an inspired pairing for a Canadian television special, on December 6, '83 the young Stevie Ray Vaughan met his idol Albert King to jam on the blues. Vaughan, whom King remembered from Austin as Little Stevie, could have used his phenomenal technique to bury the old man. Instead, he expressed his respect in restrained, worshipful, playing that made for a perfect match. Because of his unmistakable licks, King was one of the most imitated of all blues guitarists, and Vaughan made King’s style a foundation of his playing. Still, as Vaughan makes forcefully clear at King’s urging, he also had a big helping of Jimi Hendrix on his plate. King’s inimitable singing makes this good get-together a must not just for guitar aficionados, but for all blues lovers.


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