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Galeria okładek

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  • Georg Gulyas - Georg Gulyas Albenis Ponce Tarrega
  • 01. Capricho arabe (5:42)
  • 02. Recuerdos de la Alhambra (4:01)
  • 03. Las dos Hermanitas (3:08)
  • 04. Cordoba (6:39)
  • 05. Tango (3:03)
  • 06. Sevilliana (6:20)
  • 07. Suite compostelana, Preludio (3:27)
  • 08. Suite compostelana, Coral (3:06)
  • 09. Suite compostelana, Cuna (3:23)
  • 10. Suite compostelana, Recitativo (3:47)
  • 11. Suite compostelana,Cancion (2:51)
  • 12. Suite compostelana, Muneira (3:03)
  • 13. Sonatina meridional, Campo (4:54)
  • 14. Sonatina meridional, Copla (2:42)
  • 15. Sonatina meridional, Fiesta (2:31)
  • 16. El Choclo (2:08)
  • 17. La Cumparcita (3:22)
  • Georg Gulyas - guitar
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Nr kat.: PRSACD2030
Label  : Proprius (Szwecja)


LAUREAT 2005 AUDIOPHILE RECORDINGS AWARDS IN CHINA! The Swedish classical guitar player Georg Gulyás’ citically acclaimed CD Albéniz/Ponce/Tárrega recently won the first prize in the category the Best Instrumental Music in the 2005 Audiophile Recordings Awards, China. The award ceremony was held on January 14, 2006 at the modernist Guangzhou Xinghai Concert Hall. More than 500 guests attended the ceremony, among them many top media executives from Guangdong, Shanghai and Shaanxi. As Guangdong is the leading province for audio and visual products in China, the event attracted a lot of attention and was widely reported in the local magazines and media, and in other Chinese provinces as well The Audiophile Recordings Awards is jointly organized by Radio Guangdong FM103.6 and the professional audio-visual website 21hifi.com. It is the first ever award for audiophile recordings ever held in China. There are two major purposes in the award, one is to promote the local Chinese recording business and the other is to introduce high quality recordings made in Europe and America into China. All the awarded recordings had been broadly recommended by Radio Guangdong and 21hifi.com in 2005. An awards committee was formed comprising authorities from the music industry as well as from the audio visual equipment and sound engineering industries. The committee considered the artistic standard, novelty, quality of the engineering and most importantly, the popularity of the nominated recordings to decide on the winners. The Guangdong province is now the most affluent province in China, with also the highest total GDP among all provinces. Radio Guangdong FM103.6 ’Voice of the City’ covers an audience of over 50 million and is considered one of the most influential metropolitan radio stations in Guangdong. 'Audiophile Tribune' is their major weekly program on introducing top quality audio-visual equipments and recordings. The program has just passed its first decade in 2005, and it has built up a very good reputation among numerous music lovers and customers. 21hifi.com is the most authoritative AV website in China. It started in 2000 and by now it already has over one billion visitors. The current average daily number of visitors is about 150 thousand. It reports on the latest news of the audio-visual industry, aims to raise the knowledge and appreciation of listeners, promotes the music industry, and provides an open platform for the industry and the public to exchange ideas. The website also maintains close working relationships with a lot of important media like Radio Guangdong, The South Daily, The South Metropolitan and Guangzhou Daily.


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