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Aeran Oh

Jazz Poems

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Aeran Oh - Jazz Poems 01. Bist Mein (3:31) 02. Chilgap San (7:03) 03. Tandaradei (6:39) 04. Han O Baek Nyeon (4:31) 05. Fourty Something (5:26) 06. Kumjong Komushin (6:59) 07. Doraji (4:33) 08. Pain (6:48) 09. Arirang (5:29)
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Nr kat.: KUK53
Label  : K&K Verlagsanstalt

The object of this undertaking is the exchanging of cultures, the focal point being the imparting of cultural values to the Korean and European population. Traditional Korean music joins together with American jazz to an attractive genre that gives a deep view into mentality of the Korean peoples without falling into typical Asian cliche. Using love-poems of Walther von der Vogelweide confusion seems getting perfect - not at all. The whole thing is balanced and homogeneous. Until todays the contrary cultural associations will continue... The presentation by composer and singer Mrs Aeran Oh with her exceptional alto-voice moves and touches. Rating: unique beautiful. “You hardly like to believe it, it sounds so abstruse: A female Korean student who is well-known at home as a classical and gospel singer records a jazz CD with German musicians. In the CD she makes traditional folk songs from her own country swing, as well as lyrics by the minnesinger Walther von der Vogelweide, understandably in the Korean language. The publisher Josef-Stefan Kindler´s plan makes sense, for as far as Korean attitudes are concerned the minnelieds are still almost pornographic even today.” (Georg Spindler, MANNHEIMER MORGEN)