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Jimmy Raney - 20bit K2 Mastering / DIGITAL K2 - kartonik mini LP


  • Jimmy Raney - A
  • 01. Minor (4:35)
  • 02. Some other spring (5:04)
  • 03. Double image (4:33)
  • 04. On the square (4:31)
  • 05. Spring is here (2:55)
  • 06. One more for the mode (3:50)
  • 07. What's new (2:47)
  • 08. Tomorrow, fairly cloudy (3:30)
  • 09. A foggy day (4:08)
  • 10. Someone to watch over me (3:15)
  • 11. Cross your heart (3:56)
  • 12. You don't know what love is (3:41)
  • John Wilson - trumpet
  • Teddy Kotick - acoustic bass
  • Jimmy Raney - guitar
  • Nick Stabulas - drums
  • Art Mardigan - drums
  • Hall Overton - piano
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CD (miniLP):

AllMusic Review by Ken Dryden Jimmy Raney leads two separate groups on this OJC reissue CD, both recorded during the mid-'50s. The first session finds the leader experimenting with overdubbing a second guitar line over his introduction and closing during all four pieces, including the very exciting "Minor" (which is based on the chord changes to "Bernie's Tune"), "Double Image" (inspired by "There Will Never be Another You"), plus some wild improvised counterpoint between Raney and pianist Hall Overton in "On the Square" and an intricate rendition of the ballad "Some Other Spring." John Wilson is added on trumpet for the second and third studio dates, which primarily consist of standards. The briskly swinging "Spring Is Here," a softly played "What's New," and a very delicate "You Don't Know What Love Is" are highlights. Raney's originals include "One More for the Mode," an enjoyable reworking of a Bach two-part invention, and "Tomorrow, Fairly Cloudy," a blazing bop number which is the high point of the latter date. This CD contains some of Jimmy Raney's finest work as a leader and is highly recommended.