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Wolfgang Dauner Quartett

Piano x 4

1 Take the A-Train 03:19 2 Waltz for a Young Girl 03:51 3 Take the Coltrane 03:27 4 Baron Lazor 03:01 5 What Is This Thing Called Love 03:29 6 Willow Weep for Me 05:37 7 Goofin' at Each Other 03:07 8 You Do Something to Me 04:37 9 Big "P" 05:04
  • Wolfgang Dauner Quartett
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109.00 PLN

LP-180G 33rpm:

kultowe nagranie wytwórni SABA

One of the rarest and most important "cult" recordings in the whole of the Saba repertoire - highly sought after and almost priceless - is at last being re-released after almost 40 years! The company had chosen young and as yet unknown musicians - all of whom came from the Black Forest region. That several of them (such as Wolfgang Dauner, Charlie Antolini and Eberhard Weber) would become international stars was due to a great part to the talent spotter and recording engineer Hans-Georg Brunner-Schwer.. There is certainly no sign of any inferiority complex, which can often be heard in post-war jazz, emanating from any of the musicians in this recording. Full of confidence and without the trace of any tension, the pianists in particular, who are focussed on here, demonstrate in their highly imaginative improvisations that they are not in the least daunted by such giants as Art Tatum or Oscar Peterson..Their styles and performance all differ: Wolfgang Dauner is gripping and powerful, Elsie Bianchi is somewhat nostalgic and pastel in tone, Dieter Reith's notes sparkle with playfulness, while Waldi Heidepriem is almost orchestral..The piano is the central figure in numerous SABA/MPS recordings - and this production is more than just a milestone in recording technique for it delivers up the proof that "Jazz made in Germany" was gradually becoming emancipated.