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The Jimmy Cobb Quartet

Cobb's Corner

Jimmy Cobb - Cobb's Corner 01. You and the Night and the Music (5:11) 02. My Romance (6:29) 03. Never Let Me Go (6:21) 04. John Charles (4:44) 05. My Foolish Heart (6:26) 06. I Think You're Wonderful (3:13) 07. Lotus Blossom (6:37) 08. Book's Bossa (6:25) 09. Ruby My Dear (5:01) 10. My Ship (5:56)
  • The Jimmy Cobb Quartet - quartet
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Nr kat.: SACD327
Label  : Chesky Records

Jazz drummer Jimmy Cobb is perhaps most famous for his role as the backbone to Miles Davis's best albums, but the unstoppable Cobb is also an excellent band leader in his own right, as evidenced in his latest release for Chesky Records, Cobb's Corner. This recording captures the Jimmy Cobb that jazz listeners who've followed his long, gratifying career expect. Cobb's Corner finds Jimmy filling out his rhythm section with legendary New York pianist Ronnie Mathews and renowned bassist Peter Washington. The chief soloist on the record is Roy Hargrove, perhaps the most versatile and surefire trumpeter to emerge in the wake of Wynton Marsalis. The musician's fortright embrace of American standards, their personal interpretations of delectable melodies and their collective, highly interactive improvisations make this a must have for any jazz aficionado. This super audio compact disc was recorded using Chesky's state of the art minimalist miking techniques to create an outstanding addition to any audiophiles collection. Reviews Hargrove has a wonderfully rich tone and is able to stretch out some very creative solos during the generally laid-back tempi of many of the tracks. Chesky records in natural halls and churches rather than studios. The acoustic ambiance of the venue is the real thing - not digital reverb. None of the instruments are therefore recorded with close-up mics, not even the drums as nearly everyone else seems to do. The drums also don't overpower the other players as heard on so many jazz recordings - of course at least part of that has to be blamed on the artfulness of Cobb's drumming. - John Henry