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Spirit - Spirit 01. Fresh-Garbage (3:13) 02. Uncle Jack (2:45) 03. Mechanical World (5:17) 04. Taurus (2:38) 05. Girl In Your Eye (3:18) 06. Straight Arrow (2:52) 07. Topanga Windows (3:38) 08. Gramophone Man (3:50) 09. Water Woman (2:11) 10. The Great Canyon Fire In General (2:48) 11. Elijah (10:49) 12. Veruska (3:06) 13. Free Spirit (4:31) 14. If I had a Woman (3:14) 15. Elijah (Alternate Take) (9:44)
  • Spirit - group

Produkt w tej chwili niedostępny.

Includes The Hit Single "Uncle Jack" And 4 Bonus Tracks! Spirit's debut album "Spirit" was released in 1968 and became a core essence and heartbeat of the counter culture movement. The album is as timeless and as fresh as when it first appeared. The band could play more styles than almost any other group which made them one of a kind. Spirit combined rock, jazz, blues, folk rock, and a bit of classical. The album includes the classics "Fresh-Garbage", "Mechanical World" and the hit single "Uncle Jack". There are 4 bonus tracks included.


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