Klasa mistrzowska Ostatnio dodane płyty w kategorii: Klasa mistrzowska https://ccd.pl/ Sat, 05 Dec 2020 16:16:31 Europe/Warsaw 14400 pl Club CD Club CD Online https://ccd.pl/images/website-logo-big.png https://ccd.pl/ 142 107 <![CDATA[ BACH - Double Concerto in D Minor / Concerto in A MInor / Concerto in E Major]]> https://ccd.pl/bach-double-concerto-in-d-minor-concerto-in-a-minor-concerto-in-e-major-p194887/ <img src='https://ccd.pl/covery/ASD346.jpg' width='200' align='left' hspace='4' vspace='2'> <strong></strong> <hr> <![CDATA[ TELEMANN - Fantasie per violino solo]]> https://ccd.pl/telemann-fantasie-per-violino-solo-p165082/ <img src='https://ccd.pl/covery/LP43137.jpg' width='200' align='left' hspace='4' vspace='2'> <strong></strong> <hr> <![CDATA[ BRAHMS - Die Symphonien]]> https://ccd.pl/brahms-die-symphonien-p1157/ <img src='https://ccd.pl/covery/CL43073.jpg' width='200' align='left' hspace='4' vspace='2'> <strong></strong> <hr>...]]> <![CDATA[ TCHAIKOVSKY - Symphony No. 5 ]]> https://ccd.pl/tchaikovsky-symphony-no-5-p186234/ <img src='https://ccd.pl/covery/LP43050.jpg' width='200' align='left' hspace='4' vspace='2'> <strong></strong> <hr>"This is the genuine article – live and alive – an unpatched one-off performance bursting at the seams with passion, presence, theatre and vitality. ‘Love at first sight’, as Gergiev’s collaboration with the (Vienna Philharmonic) orchestra has been described, translates here into body-and-soul compliance with the conductor’s expressive intentions... and for its own part the orchestra does what it does best: strings lacing the lyricism with their famed vibrato-rich playing, and bouncing the outer sections of the third movement Waltz as only they know how to do." - The Gramophone magazine...]]> <![CDATA[ PAGANINI - Virtuoso violin]]> https://ccd.pl/paganini-virtuoso-violin-p188472/ <img src='https://ccd.pl/covery/4806614.jpg' width='200' align='left' hspace='4' vspace='2'> <strong></strong> <hr>
Płyty K2HD do odtworzenia we wszystkich typach czytników CD oraz DVD.
Nowe wcielenie technologii XRCD - jeszcze bardziej precyzyjne i... analogowe!

Klasyczny high-end!
Piano: Louis Persinger Ernest Lush ...]]>
<![CDATA[ RACHMANINOV - Vengerov & Virtuosi]]> https://ccd.pl/rachmaninov-vengerov-virtuosi-p193026/ <img src='https://ccd.pl/covery/PWC2L0005.jpg' width='200' align='left' hspace='4' vspace='2'> <strong></strong> <hr>