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"Saxophonist Jules Broussard and keyboardman Tom Coster share most of the solo space on Borboletta with Carlos, and their instrumental features are the LP's high points. "Aspirations," composed by Santana and Coster, is a shimmering, guitarless piece with Coster, Broussard, Clarke and Mdugu. Most of the second side achieves a high-flying groove that combines some of the old Santana band's strongest qualities — rhythmic drive, thematic variation — with Carlos's imaginative soloing and the sophisticated contributions of Broussard, Coster and percussionist Mdugu, Airto and Peraza. As on previous albums 'Here and Now,' 'Flor de Canela' and 'Promise of a Fisherman' flow together into a suite, building from a lyrical guitar solo into the relentless Afro-Brazilian rhythms of Dorival Caymmi's 'Fisherman.'" — Rolling Stone, December 1978

<![CDATA[Carlos Santana - Love Devotion Surrender]]> https://ccd.pl/carlos-santana-love-devotion-surrender-p170703/ <img src='https://ccd.pl/covery/C32034.jpg' width='200' align='left' hspace='4' vspace='2'> <strong></strong> <hr> Santana - w naszej ofercie John McLaughlin - w naszej ofercie ...]]> <![CDATA[Carlos Santana - Amigos]]> https://ccd.pl/carlos-santana-amigos-p180521/ <img src='https://ccd.pl/covery/PC33576.jpg' width='200' align='left' hspace='4' vspace='2'> <strong></strong> <hr> Musicians: Carlos Santana (vocals, guitar, percussion) David Brown (bass) Tom Coster (keyboards, vocals) Leon "Ndugu" Chancler (drums, percussion) Armando Peraza (percussion, vocals) Greg Walker (vocals)...]]>