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Wagner - Wolfgang Windgassen, Hans Hotter, Peter Klein, Birgit Nilsson - Rudolf Kempe

Der Ring des Nibelungen - Covent Garden - 1957 - 13CD

  • Das Rheingold
  • Hans Hotter (Wotan), Erich Witte (Loge), Otakar Kraus, (Alberich), Georgine von Milinkovic (Fricka), Kurt Böhme (Fasolt), Frederick Dalberg (Fafner), Elisabeth Lindermeier (Freia), Robert Allman (Donner), Edgar Evans (Froh), Peter Klein (Mime), Maria von Ilosvay (Erda), Joan Sutherland (Woglinde), Una Hale (Wellgunde), Marjorie Thomas (Flosshilde)
  • Die Walküre
  • Ramon Vinay (Siegmund), Sylvia Fisher (Sieglinde), Frederick Dalberg (Hunding), Birgit Nilsson (Brünnhilde), Hans Hotter (Wotan), Georgine von Milinkovic (Fricka), Amy Shuard (Gerhilde), Una Hale (Ortlinde), Edith Coates (Waltraute), Jean Watson (Schwertleite), June Grant (Helmwige), Noreen Berry (Siegrune), Barbara Howitt (Grimgerde), Marjorie Thomas (Rossweisse)
  • Siegfried
  • Wolfgang Windgassen (Siegfried), Birgit Nilsson (Brünnhilde), Peter Klein (Mime), Hans Hotter (Der Wanderer), Otakar Kraus (Alberich), Frederick Dalberg (Fafner), Maria von Ilosvay (Erda), Jeannette Sinclair (Waldvogel)
  • Götterdämmerung
  • Wolfgang Windgassen (Siegfried), Birgit Nilsson (Brünnhilde), Kurt Böhme (Hagen), Hermann Uhde (Gunther), Otakar Kraus (Alberich), Elisabeth Lindermeier (Gutrune), Maria von Ilosvay (Waltraute), Joan Sutherland (Woglinde), Una Hale (Wellgunde), Marjorie Thomas (Flosshilde), Maria von Ilosvay (1. Norn), Constance Shacklock (2. Norn), Amy Shuard (3. Norn)
  • Chorus and Orchestra of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, Rudolf Kempe
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13 CD:

Nr kat.: SBT131426
Label  : Testament (UK)

“This cast is a mixture of international Wagnerians and Covent Garden residents, with the Wotan (Hotter), Siegfried (Windgassen) and Siegmund (Vinay) common to the 1955 Bayreuth set. The glory here is Birgit Nilsson’s gleaming Brünnhilde, already 39 years old, but sounding youthful, touching and tireless. The set is a reminder of the strengths of the company at this period, with Joan Sutherland leading the Rhinemaidens.” - The Sunday Times 19th, June 2008 “Perhaps Kempe's lyricism doesn't always measure up completely to the darker moments in the drama. There's more anguish to be found in Walküre, for instance, than he allows, more bleakness in Götterdämmerung, and the recording quality is at best acceptable. But the virtues of this set far outweigh the drawbacks, and the best of it is gloriously compelling.” - The Guardian, 30th may 2008


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