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BORODIN, PROKOFIEV, TCHAIKOVSKY, SCHCHEDRIN, MUSSORGSKY, Ewa Podles, Philharmonia of Russia, Constantine Orbelian

Russian Arias

  • Ewa Podles - Russian Arias
  • 01. Konchakovna's Cavatina (Borodin) (5:48)
  • 02. Young Maiden's Song (Prokofiev) (6:55)
  • 03. Joan's Aria (Tchaikovsky) (7:03)
  • 04. Voina's Arioso (Tchaikovsky) (3:52)
  • 05. Varvara's Limericks and Dance (Shchedrin) (8:53)
  • 06. Jocasta's Aria (Stravinsky) (7:33)
  • 07. Lullaby (Mussorgsky) (5:06)
  • 08. Serenade (Mussorgsky) (4:34)
  • 09. Trepak (Mussorgsky) (4:46)
  • 10. The Field-Marshal (Mossorgsky) (5:46)
  • Ewa Podles - mezzosopran
  • Philharmonia of Russia - orchestra
  • Constantine Orbelian - conductor
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Nr kat.: DE3298
Label  : DELOS (USA)

"She's been described as a 'vocal hurricane' a 'force of nature' a 'singer without peer in the world' But why beat around the bush? Ewa Podles' is a goddess...the sounds that pour out of Ewa Podles'' mouth seem to come from the core of the Earth, channeled through her body...there is no voice like this in the classical music world." National Post, Toronto Celebrate with Delos International this extraordinary second release from vocal superstar Ewa Podles'! In RUSSIAN ARIAS Ewa's follow-up to HANDEL ARIAS Delos 3253, Ewa brings her passionate vocal beauty and riveting interpretive skills to this unique repertoire. This long-awaited recording moves dramatically from the well-known and beloved pathos of Mussorgsky's Songs and Dances of Death to the fiery drama of Stravinsky's Oedipus Rex. The Program includes: Prokofiev: Field of the Dead from Alexander Nevsky / Borodin: Konchakovna's Aria from Prince Igor / Tchaikovsky: arias from Jeanne d'Arc, Moscow Cantata / Stravinsky: Jocasta's aria from Oedipus Rex / Mussorgsky-Shostakovich: Songs and Dances of Death / Shchedrin: Varvara's Limericks from Not Only Love Ewa brings a well-known and sales-worthy presence to the music consumer and collector alike. Her appeal and accessible sound make this recording a must for accounts of all kinds. Russian Arias highlights not only the incredible partnership between Ewa and Delos, but also the exceptional talents of Maestro Constantine Orbelian and the Philharmonia of Russia. Also lending voice to this rich and emotional recording is the Spiritual Revival Choir of Moscow. "I want my singing to have drama, to send a message, sometimes people cry when they hear me-this is what's important. I want people to love me or hate me because of the emotion of my singing." Ewa Podles'


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