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Various Artists - Medúlla [Bonus Track] 01. Mike Patton - Pleasure Is All Mine (3:27) 02. Martin Björk - Show Me Forgiveness (1:24) 03. Mike Patton - Where Is the Line (4:41) 04. Icelandic Choir - Vökuró (3:14) 05. Martin Björk - Öll Birtan (1:52) 06. Tagaq - Who Is It (Carry My Joy on the Left, Carry My Pain on the Right) (3:57) 07. Robert Wyatt - Submarine (3:14) 08. Icelandic Choir - Desired Constellation (4:56) 09. Martin Björk - Oceania (3:25) 10. Icelandic Choir - Sonnets-Unrealities XI (2:00) 11. Martin Björk - Ancestors (4:08) 12. Tagaq - Mouth's Cradle (4:00) 13. Martin Björk - Midvikudags (1:25) 14. Martin Björk - Triumph of a Heart (4:10) 15. Martin Björk - Komid (2:01)
  • Bjork - vocal
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Rolling Stone (p.79) - 3 1/2 stars out of 5 - "MEDULLA is both the most extreme record Bjork has ever released and the most immediately accessible....[With] and awe-inspiring architecture of sound..." Spin (p.111) - "On MEDULLA, her voice is in constant motion, in sync with the beat, rather than battling it..." - Grade: B+ Spin (p.65) - Ranked #19 in Spin's "40 Best Albums of the Year" - "She's a siren, luring us into the mystic with nothing but her voice." Entertainment Weekly (pp.161-2) - "[S]he'll soon have you shunning electronica....One of her best efforts..." - Grade: A Uncut (p.100) - 3 stars out of 5 - "It is the curious marriage of glottal outpouring and emotional candour to microscopically detailed and often utterly illogical arrangements that keeps her music vital and unpredictable." Uncut (p.76) - Ranked #41 in Uncut's "Best New Albums of 2004" - "[A]n awe-inspiring achievement..." The Wire (p.55) - "MEDULLA breezes with a sense of serendipitous discovery, with Bjork singing as sublime as ever." CMJ (p.39) - "The beats of 'Mouth's Cradle' spit and sputter, sometimes as a contrast and sometimes as a perfect fit to the female choir that haunts the corners of the song." Mojo (Publisher) (p.93) - 4 stars out of 5 - "MEDULLA is not only the bravest record she's ever made, it's also one of the strangest and most uncompromising by a major artist to get a commercial release....[With a] raw beauty, intricate choral arrangements and decidedly outr‚ production..." >>> Płyty SHM-CD do odtworzenia we wszystkich typach czytników CD oraz DVD. Gwarantują niespotykaną wcześniej analogową jakość brzmienia, odwzorowują wszystkie walory taśmy-matki. <<<